The world inventions; The history and the case of the pacemaker!

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So, what is really a pacemaker? As humans, we cannot just watch things as they are, and not just ignoring different things that happen in life. Sometimes, things are perceived as they are, and sometimes we need new things to take care of the life, and this is the truth for many people. And many flowers and just being aware that people appreciate our lives, that is the way we are getting stronger and better lives, and if we can get quality of time and goodness-of-fit, we are lucky with what is happening.

A pacemaker is a small device that's placed (implanted) in the chest to help control the heartbeat. It's used to prevent the heart from beating too slowly. Implanting a pacemaker in the chest requires a surgical procedure. So, taking care of the heart and its beating, that is the way we are taking care of our lives, and we should always be engaged with the heart and the brain, since these two things probably are the most important things in the human body, and we need research into them, and to understand them completely.

The first pacemaker was implanted in humans in 1960 after extensive animal testing. The first 77-year-old patient lived for 18 months after this device was implanted. We should live the life just as it is, but at the same time we should find solutions for any life, if things are not getting normal as with most people. And taking care of the heart in the body, that is the function of the pacemaker!

So, why are we needing research of many kinds in the world? We should know, and the better we know things, the more qualified we are with many things. And research is about making the front in the world, and therefore we do not find all our these things in organizations, and some people do not know research and literature at all, and we should love the people independently of their background, just because all human natures in the nature have equal values, and therefore as researchers we are just trained to do better examinations about what is happening, and we cannot require other things than that we all are dealing the same body with the same functions, and therefore we should make the messages good in life, and not do any stupid things, and the more we know, the less we know for sure.

Researchers invented the first clinically successful cardiac pacemaker, in 1958. This invention prevents potentially life-threatening complication for irregular heartbeats in many patients. And the things we are invented are either funny or serious, and maybe we can make the life better for many people when invented new things.

What is the principle of the pacemakers, and to make the life even better for some patients? Pacemakers listen out for normal heart activity, and if this does not occur, induce action potentials by passing depolarizing currents into a cardiac chamber (1–5 V, for 1–2 ms) triggering a self-propagating wave so restoring chamber electrical and thus mechanical function.

We should be friends with people at the earth coming from different places, areas and countries, and therefore we do not need any security, but we are loving the people being around us, and that is the best way of perceiving life, and we should forget stupid behavior from earlier times, and make the life as good as we can imagine. And we need no security and no monitoring of any kinds! And think about that equipment we have invented, is just to make life better and to give more and better quality of life when living. And life is just good, and we should use costs and easy and difficult solutions just to make the life good, and that nothing is dangerous of any kinds.

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Thank you so much! :)

we should always be engaged with the heart and the brain, since these two things probably are the most important things in the human body

I totally agree with you because these two play a very vital role in the human body


Thanks a lot! :)