The world inventions; The history and the case of the gasoline-powered automobile!

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You know, we can drive the cars and the vehicles today, and we are coming us from place to place, and we should be careful and thoughtful when driving these things, and you are just bumping into something when you have not been careful enough with your actions!

You know, we have all the devil forces in our human nature, and therefore it is positive if we are using our bodies to get as much activity as we can do during the working time that we have present when we are working, and we should love our leaders for what they are for us, and the businesses should be legally and constructively areas where we are being from time to time. And today, we can just regret whether we are not being the professors in the areas, but it is nice to work, and many people appreciate our human beings, and that is the mission and the philosophy of being the people we are being when being the employees and the employers in the life we are perceiving as we are perceiving them, and the leaders in different organizations they have our trust unless there are reasons for not thinking, feeling and acting in these ways.

And many of us know, that when we are driving, that should be without alchohol and we should follow the rules of the game. And that is true whether we are driving at home or abroad, and we should follow the directions and the messages of the police, and we should be obedient to authority unless there are reasons to think on our own ways, and this is often the situation with the state, since there are thinking and feeling people there, and since we can think better than any person being on the planet when we are here. And you know, much in business life is about giving the right messages in the right places, and we are giving the messages where there are people. So, organizations and people, that are the ways to structure the reality with funny behavior and with messages about how we are operating and working, and that we are here to be pleasant against each other, but we should follow the rules and the norms of the game where we are from time to time.

Karl Benz made the first successful gasoline-powered automobile in 1886, and we have used petrol on the car ever since that day when the car and the gasoline were born. And you know, there is an engine there, and it should function when we are using the vehicles, and we should use our driving forces to the pleasure of ourselves, our families, and our friends, and we are many here trying to make the world as a better place to live and to work, and we are responsible for what is happening in relation to what we are doing and why, and the working noses should be good noses for what is being the situations at our working places, and in all the working places that are possible to be framed in logical, sensible and reasonable ways.

So, maybe there will be climate crisis in the future, and the climate changes, that are things that the United Nations are engaged with from time to time. And maybe, the most sensible thing we can do is to find better ways to structure the life with content and with structure, and that the vehicles should go on current in the future, and that there should be as little pollution as possible, and when we are coming to some cities in China, we cannot see everything where we are driving and cycling and going and running, because that there are too much fog in the air, and that this fog is coming due to the fact that we are using the earth in wrong ways, and therefore we should always fill our pleasure and our ways of being with good things, and with accepted things, and we can make our preparations for solving the working tasks in the evenings from time to time, and we do not always have all the solutions of any kinds to any time at any places, but we should give our firms good impressions and expressions, in such ways that people are enjoying us, and like our ways of framing the questions and the issues in the societies, and that we also are solving the different tasks in the organizations as good as we can. And we should follow our leaders and what they are telling us, and we can work at home and in the locations to the organizations, and sometimes we are solving the problems and the issues by being together, and therefore we cannot find all tasks to all times outside the organizations where we are working from time to time, and not everything can be told and solved at any other places.

So, let us do things alone and together when working, and let us use our vehicles for private purposes and business purposes when being here. And we are welcome! Thank you to all lovely and nice and legal people!

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway


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