The world inventions; The history and the case of the advertising!

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Many people do not like advertising, although we have advertising management in the schools, and there are just a noticeable difference, and that is the way to understand how attention and information processing are going on from time to time.

We have advertising (ad) toward the brand, toward the attitudes, toward the intention, and toward the behavior. But we cannot be stupid, and claim that all people to all the places in the world are engaged in such things. So, advertising, this is the influence due to the market economy, and if people not are saying that they do not want it, they get it. And that is too much information going into our postboxes. So, the best best think is to think in free ways, and your absence in the market is darkness for many people. So, we need to be in the market, and do the opinion leadership as good as we can.

The idea and the development of the advertising came during the 15th and the 16th centuries, and it is most convenient and pleasant in the capital economies in the world. So, with other regimes there are coming other kinds of information, and people are trying to influence the market by giving information that they themselves believe within.

The advertising environments are about giving messages from the sender to the receiver, and we should use colors, fashion, printing materials, and designing all kinds of messages to all conceivable matters. And advertising environments are really the ways that we can manage the advertising to give the best purposes and meanings and market philosophy about how to target the people and the other organizations, and we cannot understand anything in the world, and we are trying to use some pieces of understanding to make extensions of the whole market, and to understand on what is going on.

The advertising has effects or it has none effects at all. And that is about giving information about the products, and we should find the antecedents, the processes and the effects about what is happening, and we should love what to do, and we should do what we love. And we can make concepts and measures about what to do. And we are also trying to make segments in the market, and understand the segments as good as possible. And we should use market variables and market parameters about how to understand the market, and sometimes we are using factors to understand something. And we should not be absence in the market, but we should give bright light to the market, and not understanding the darkness that is going on. So, positioning, that is about understand something of the market, and maybe we can never research all the market, and the whole market with ideas and practical decisions.

So, the market, that is the segments, and we should understand the variables and the parameters that are going on. So, a segment that is a piece of the market, and we must have number of segments in relation to the organization and the people's heads, and we must target the market, and we must find the segments that are really there, just do to sensible and clever ways to find the potential customers, the new customers, and the customers, or the established customers. So, we should use market philosophy, and why things are rational in the ways that humans can possible explain from situation to situation. So, what is the content of the organizations and the segments in the market, and why are the things as they are. So, the market consists of products and money, and there are many exchanges between the organizations and the markets. And the exchanages are just tangible and intangible things and people, and that means that we can feel and experience and think about what the market is really about. And understanding the people in the organizations is just about finding what is within people's heads, and the more and the better the people are in their intelligence, the better you can understand the exchanges within and without systems.

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that was a really interesting read. I didn't realise advertising went back that far. thank you

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