The world inventions; The history and the case of the compass!

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You know, we should make the life lovely, funny and serious, and not anybody can do what we are doing, and the compass is making the directions from where we are, and where we are going to, and this is the amazing history about how we are making the directions in the world, and it could be the east, to the west, to the south and to the north, and maybe the students should go where they like, and where they are intelligent enough, and where they have competence, and all schools with all levels are telling us who we are.

You know, the compass, that is about making and taking the directions that are possible, and the students could go with their studies just as where they like, and they can go in the directions where they like, and we could not accept all the bad schools, and there is different ranking on the schools in the world, and even Copenhagen is not good enough, and you know we find the best schools in the United States, in China, in India and in Japan, and we cannot be any place as being a professor in Norway, and there should be enough publications, and these should be with the quality that is the best as ever conceivable. We cannot agree in any decisions in the world, and we should neglect and ignore the worst organizations, and these places are not the places the best persons wanted to within. And we can go in the schools that we like at any ages, and the confirmation is best taken care of if it is a system, and the pupils cannot have too much confusion, too much chaos, and too much unstructure in the school systems, and therefore the best way of thinking is being within the systems as long as people have thought them to be there, and we can quit some years in the schools if we are the best, but we should follow the systems in the organizations, and that is true to any time. And we should love the ladies that we want, and we are using the compass to make the directions in life, and we should try to find the ways where we want to go, and we should ignore the authorities and the bad organizations, and we should think about where people can be at their best, and we should not believe in anything unless we are forced to it, or if we are thinking and feeling that something is sensible. And you know, the more we know, the better foundation we have for developing ourselves, and we cannot be in Bergen, if we are denied to go in the studies, and we should be the best person through any times, and even professor Johan Arndt was being engaged in every market in the world, just as we can be, but you know the journals in marketing, they are about many social affairs that we find everywhere.

You know, the compass could be used at any place in the world, and we can just imagine where we are and where we should go, and we are seeing on the internet of what is going on, and therefore we cannot accept anything anywhere, since there are not the best things that are happening, and we should ignore the bad things in the world, and we should frame the things as good as we can, and we are using the compass to make orientations about where we are, and where we should go, and we should do what we are planning to do in the world, and we should take away all the critical points of anywhere, and we should accept doing the actions that we like, and the life is about perception, and about seeing things, and being seen of any other people.

And we cannot have poverty in the world, and it is the same which country we are going within to, and we cannot think about our solutions here in the world, and we should just accept solutions and things about how people are given the life even better in all quantities and qualities of any activities in the world, and people and organizations should have good and meaningful lives, and we should not accept anything of the worst things, and sales should be made in positive ways, and the times when we are operating are not the best and the good ones to any time! So, there is variations in the life, also in the business life, and therefore we must use ourselves as good as we can to the times we are facing. And we should avoid the organizations being blank in giving contributions, and there is too many bad things in the societies, and we should use ourselves as good as we can, and all things are about loving and hating, and there is not possible to give the best results in Bergen if there is bad things in the environments, and hence we should ask for why people are negative when they should be positive. And all the statements of us should be poistive and constructive, and we should ignore the statements that are not the best in the world, and you know students coming from Buskerud in Norway are not the best of anything that can happen.

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway


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