The world inventions; The history and the case of the daily groceries!

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You know, taking the shops nearby where you live, to buy to live the life as you want. And the shops are filled with equipments, vehicles, food, beverages, and many more things, and the daily groceries are just offering people food and beverages in such ways that they can live the life just as the life is perceiving!

You have probably seen many of the supermarkets being opened through the blue planet. And these markets are places where people can find food to the life, and be satisfied and engaged with taking and making the food, and this is the most important and most critical in life, since we need food to live the life as we want due to our needs.

And the supermarket or the daily grocery, that is a place where we can get food and beverages for the life, and therefore these things are important for anyone of us. In the shops, the customers or the potential customers can get what they want due to their needs, and in addition the daily grocery is a place where the companies can do branding in getting the attention to the customers, so there are different ways to produce and to give the advertising in the shops, and we are doing this because we want to encourage that the people will buy the products there. And the products can be with or without any brand.

Piggly Wiggly was the first self-service grocery store, and in opened in US in 1916, and therefore United States of America was first out with shops where we could and can buy food and beverages, and before that they had to use other solutions. In the beginning of the marketing efforts ever in the world, people were hunting for fish, meat and things you could find in the oceans and the lake where you or I could have operated. But the evolution continued, and after a while people started farms, and they produced and collected different things on the farms. That meant that butter, milk, bread, meat and much more were collected at one distinct place, and farms exchanged goods with other farms, in such ways that there became a richer selection of goods and articles, and in addition people moved from farm to farm as customers, and marketing was like an exchange, since people exchanged goods from one farm to another farm, and this was the beginning of the supermarket. And the idea was that any daily grocery could collect many articles and goods in the shops, and the customers could just buy what they want, if they had money to pay for the articles. So, there has been an evolution of daily groceries and other shops to many times, and it is much easier to go into a daily grocery than to travel a lot to get all the necessary goods and articles. And we got several new university courses with the supermarket, and these were marketing strategies, branding, advertising, market philosophy, service management, maketing behavior, consumer behavior, and many more such courses where the ultimate purpose was to reach the customer through buying and selling.

And I was a friend to Ansgar Pedersen by NHH in Bergen, and he was one of the most leading experts on daily groceries in Norway, and unfortunately he is not living any longer. But everyone knew Ansgar, and he was engaged with the history and the evolutions of shops, why we were facing the goods and articles that we could and can buy in the shops, and he made analysis of how the customers and the firms operated in the markets that they were facing. And Michael B. Hageberg was making research on the development in the daily groceries just as Ansgar Pedersen did, and they were colleagues at NHH in Bergen, and today they are both dead. They did not think that the wine would be cheap in Norway, and that is and was due to the duties. But Ansgar and Michael become known in Norway and in Bergen, and there was always anything to dwell with in business and in economics and in administration, and Ansgar was engaged with planning the present and the future in marketing. And this is a story you can tell all the daily groceries to do, but the main thing with the shops is that there are goods and articles that people like.

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