The world inventions; The history and the case of the contraceptives!

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Humans can determine themselves what they are believing within or there can be nothing there, and we cannot be sure about anything, also our best intentions, behavior and opinions, since there can be many delutions about how the reality is grasped and understood, and since any contribution is just some choices that you select to any time, when doing a work, and the better the competence, the better opportunities we have for shaping and making new developments in the world, and anyone can play an instrument, since that is just using the right choices to the right times, and therefore the playing of music, is just some routines which we are making from time to time, and we need innovation, and there is stupid opinions and statements about our ways to be here, and therefore we should ignore the things that we cannot agree within, and we should not see too much on people, and people are often reacting because they have not strong enough and good enough abilities of how to use ourselves just as we want, and we should make the strongest requirements to any composition, and therefore we are usually not sure about what a thing is, and we cannot be sure about any things that people are making in the world. And we should ask which things that are really new with a composition and a contribution, and what these things are making with us.

You know, people determine themselves on how much they are using the legs and the middle of the legs, and all things that are included in our bodies. And we can use contraceptives, and that are birth control pills and condoms, and we are determining ourselves how many people there should be here at the planet. And playing any instrument is just equal for all humans, and we should use our talents and knowledges to reach the longest and most far way about anything that is happening, and you know, any talent should be used from when we are young people. So, today, people do not believe in any other things than sexuality, and you know, there is difficulties with explaining if there is a God, and how we can notice that God on our bodies, and maybe these talking about God is just delutions, and this is the thinking of Richard Dawkins, and he has been at the University of Oxford, and people today are believing that people in earlier times have been naive with their beliefs and that we cannot prove anything like a God in reality, and this is just some choices that people are delivering, and they are delivering this thing about reality to the time that is coming, and we can laugh about it, and hence the government can be on our shoulders, and they can claim that people are wrong or right in making suggestions about what the reality really is about.

The faculties and the institutes are just things that we are having in our heads, and we can be without any school at any level in the society, and we can think or not think anything about which beliefs that people are making, and there is much doubt about beliefs, and hence the churches and the schools cannot be certain about what they are learning to many times. But theory and applications should be much used in the schools, and we should develop ourselves in the directions that we want to find of ourselves.

Where do we find the contraceptives in the history of any time, also outside times in all the societies where we are placing our bodies? Well, we cannot be sure about anything, and many people have through many times made and suggested their ways of perceiving the life, and today we cannot be sure about what we are believing today, and few people believe in Jesus Christ and God today, and therefore the reality is more and more secularized. And the earliest forms of birth control, as well as abortion, were found in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia as far back as 1850 BC. And therefore, humans have tried to form and make the choices to any society to any time, and we should always question the choices, and we should ask about what the fundament is about what we are doing and not doing.

So, maybe we can create super-intelligent creatures in the future of humans, and this is about making experiments with the eggs and the sperm that we are finding in the body, and maybe we can create other eggs and other sperm that are creating more intelligent humans that we ever have seen.

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway


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