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You know, there are several slogans for Coca-Cola or just Coke as many of us are calling this brand to be drinking. Coke is the real thing, and Coke is refreshing yourself, and it is given you a good taste and life is feeling even better. And Coke is popular in 206 countries around the planet.

You know, any brand value has a value, either it is positive, zero or negative. And we should do branding processes and having market effects on marketing, pleasure, satisfaction, smile, strategy, information and economics. And we should ignore people being mean to us, and we should be friendly or right back. So, you know the brand, this value is just amazing in the markets, and it has something to do with how we are given value to a product with a brand in our fantasy, in our dreams and in our ways of appreciating how much it means for us. So, brand management is about the concepts, the strategies, and the ways of using products, and in which ways we are using the products, and we can claim any organization for ignoring this properly, but Kevin Keller and David Aaker have more knowledges that most people, but the brand value is just like blowing up a balloon, and we should feel confident and pleased with getting the balloon as we want, and that is also true for all the market requirements from the customers and the potential customers.

You know, everybody has not applied and finished the theoretical and the practical ways in the doctoral studies at any school or any research institution having the opportunity for given advice and teaching in relation to know much. And sometimes things are just into uncertainty, and we cannot know anything about what is happening. And the brand is something we have in our ideas and in our framing of an organizaton, and many people should like and should value being having a brand with physical, psychological and metaphysical aspects. And we do have the brand in our mood and in our minds, and therefore the market value and the personality value, can be the same between us, or it can be different among us. And as researchers, we are having the models and the literature, and hence we know most about research anywhere to any time.

The brand and the drink as Coca-Cola was invented in 1886 in Atlanta in the United States, and it was originated and created and made by John S. Pemberton. And the way of making Coca-Cola is a secret code and a secret behavior, and nobody making Coca-Cola will give or launch the codes to the markets, but we can just guess about how to make it, but the real taste and reputation everywhere where it is used, that is up to the ideamakers and the producers, and they are producing much Coca-Cola in Brazil. And you know as being the researchers, as you and me, we are having the best conditions and the best ways of perceiving things within and without markets, and we also have this strong competence in marketing, strategy and information, and therefore we can give billions of books and billions of articles in known and unknown variants to the market, and to the places where we find people being interested in our product and in our brand, and there is attention, interest, desire and action in the markets, and this is the AIDA-model, and a model is a representation about how the reality really can be understood with some parts, just as we find the market as we find it.

But why are people and me and employees in many organizations really loving Coca-Cola? Well, it has much to do with the taste, and that we are in good mood when consuming this beverage. We are getting the sugar high combined with caffeine, and therefore we are feeling more well in our bodies, and we are feeling more natural and better than before when drinking Coca-Cola, and we are getting a distinct and good drunk, and we are more pleased and more satisfied when drinking Coca-Cola, and although all kinds of brand images and market shares and sales are in relation to what we get when using Coca-Cola, and how our reality is perceived when having consumed it, we are just caught in the middle and we are happier with treating other people nice, just as we want to be treated back, and this is the way that we are living the life. So, when working with Coca-Cola in the firms that are making it and selling it, we should appreciate all the employees, and they can be competent or not competent in branding and in marketing, but the main thing when being at work, is doing and treating the products and the brands just as the customers want them, and any firm can sustain their production, marketing and sales activities just in relation to what the employees are doing, and that they show the world how to make the products attractive for distribution channels, and for the shops, the kiosks and the daily groceries, and we are cooperating and working alone with political economies in the markets, and this means that the economics for the firms and the countries should be treated in fairly good ways.

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