The world inventions; The history and the case of the screwdriver!

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Ok, we should love doing different things and works at home, at work and abroad when fixing something with using a screwdriver. So do different things with our hands should be loved, and also by thinking when we are thinking as good as we can.

The earliest screwdrivers were probably coming to the markets during the Middle Ages. And perhaps they originate in Germany or in France during the 15th century. And these things we are using to fix our homes, our working places, or cottages, flat and everything we are meeting of built materials at home and abroad. And the principles are the same regardless of the place, and therefore there is no new thing under the sun, but we must create and evaluate the reality just as the reality is coming. And we cannot be too naive, but we should challenge people and not being sure about the antecedents, the processes and the outcomes. And exchange programs are just there to use our languages and our cultural understanding, and we can speak and/or write with the people we desire to do that with.

You know, the World Bank is just a place to work, but we should not be certain about all the kinds of social and economic affairs there, and questionnaires and investigations can be made in several ways, and often there are many things to do and to structure things, and we should use the best way that we think the reality should be solved within.

So, the screwdriver, what is the point of doing that thing? Well, any practical or theoretical issue matters, and we can do whatever we want of anything. And many people like the homes and the working places to be modern and bright. And the philosophy of using a screwdriver is to screw in and out a screw, or doing it in the opposite direction. So, therefore we should be open for trying all the possibilities that are happening in life. So, the screwdriver is there for utility, pleasure and for getting inspiration in our lives, and the better we can do things, the more modern and convenient we are, since people are not doing too much in their homes or in the hotels, but they are doing things that are comfortable.

And using the screwdriver, that is the philosophy if many companies, also in Searle. And when using this screwdriver, we are thinking as applied philosophy, philosophy of science and like social sciences. So, we are doing things together, but what we are doing can be the same, although we just want co-production.

And why we are using the screw, that is due to mount something firm and stable. And we can be at any place on the planet while doing so. And think about what you will dwell with in life, and that you are using both heads and practical skills, or you are just using your head. And you know, all statements reflect some opinions that have to be done, and therefore we should be properly and careful about what to be done and why things are as they are. And in life, we can do anything that is possible, and maybe impossible things today can be possible in the future, and that possible things today are impossible in the future.

So, we should use our times in properly ways now, and we should not get too much storm in a glass of water! What is really life, and why are we doing as we are doing? The answers are often many, and the lives we are living are either reflective and understanding, or we are putting too much chaos into things. So, being compliant and useful to many at all levels, that is how we should be against each other, and we cannot waste the time away with stupid things, but the best persons in business life, and in research are really doing things with good quality, and we are respected for what we are doing.

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