The world inventions; The history and the case of the calendar!

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You know, the calendar is there for being explicit schemes about timekeeping, and hence humans are using the calendar just in their working life, and in their leisure time, and today we should be pleasant with all the kinds of aids that we have, and we can use them to structure and to organize the life even better and stronger.

You know, people are within trouble when they are not working, and these problems should be taken away from me, and the people must live and eventually work as good as they can, and all noises and voices should be away, and otherwise we should call the police to get calm environments, and to get structure in the life. And we are hating people trying to tell us everything, since we have the education and the research backgrounds from Bergen, and these knowledges can be used to any times, but we should be better than the front in research, and many academic people are not publishing, and hence we are getting trouble different places, since people are just joking, telling and chatting with each other. So, being competent and publishing a lot, that are the ways we are getting stars and status in national and in international markets, and nowadays we cannot listen to any attempt around us, and we should stand for our opinions and standpoints, and otherwise the thinking and feeling attempts are free, and people can use these things as they just want in the different ages that we are facing from time to time.

Taking care of the hours, the days, the weeks, the months and the years, that are how humans are structured their mind set from time to time, and from place to place. And many people believe that the calendar came during the Bronze Age in 3100 before Christ. And therefore, humans have used the calendar to many times, and nobody of us can be sure about how long the earth has been standing here, but we are making suggestions and expectations about different things while humans have been here, and we should not have many things in darkness, but we should be clever enough and engaged enough to do research in what has ever happened, and with what we can be certain and uncertain about. And we can work with these things on the daily basis, and people should have enough work, and the longer we have been away from working life, the more difficult it is to get a job which is in accordance with our wishes, wants, education and research, and there is a shame about the environments different places when the perception is not good enough, and you know the knowledges in the courts are just being used to make everything in doubt, and when we have done these things, we can be sure about the facts and the fictions, and with what really happened anywhere at any times.

So, we should love the humanity at all places to all the times when we are here, and also before our existence, and after we have been here, and after we have lived our lives, and the reality is always about the past, the present and the future, and such is the situations in many scientific disciplines. And the life should be lived as you and I want it to be, and we cannot take all the stupid attempts to all times here, since we are living in clever and knowledgeable times just now. And people should go to work, and they should not be the sources to the problems different places, and hence we should always ask about the source, and what this source really implies for anyone being engaged for any place to any time.

In the world today, there are six principal calendars in current use, and these are: The Gregorian, Jewish, Islamic, Indian, Chinese, and Julian Calendars. And therefore, what we are celebrating around the globe is not always the same at all places, and the humanity and the history of people and their surrounding and their including events, show what people have been doing to different times, and these different calendars have some rules and some ways of being, and they are organized in relation to astronomical cycles, and therefore we are still updated from times to times about what is happening, what is coming in the future, and what has ever been the cases in the past. Norway and many countries in the west is using the Gregorian calendar, and this calendar was instituted by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, and this calendar has 365 days during the year, unless there is something special with the number of days in February in that particular year! So, the Gregorian calendar has being used at many times, for instance in the Western world today. And when you are within a country, see and ask which type of calendar that they have, since this is much about the history and the perception of humans, buildings and objects in that country and in these places.

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway


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