The world inventions; The history and the case of the plaid!

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You know, we are sometimes wet on our bodies, and in such incidences we should use a plaid. And we are not then making trouble to our friends, our families and our networks of different kinds, and in addition to that we are using a plaid to get heat in the body, and therefore when there are rainy situations, windy situations, and too cold inside and outside the buildings, yes we are then using the plaid to be warm in the human body.

You know, all these knowledges and cognitions and emotions should do us humble in life, and there is always some ways to do the work better, if we have not thought about all the kinds of ways to do the work, the tasks and the efforts to reach the goals of what we are trying to do, when doing something. So, we should be humble enough in life, but at the same time we should have enough self-confidence, and this is how life should always be, and we should govern ourselves and other people and finding the governance content and the governance structures in the static and in the dynamic channels of being the humans, and everything about anything is about humans, and we are exposed to ourselves and other humans with individual and social affairs, and these affairs are both in known and in unknown environments, and we are either at home, or we are in foreign environments, and this is true with all kinds of reality planning and information that we are facing anywhere, and we should win the matches in the literature, and we should not make too many smiles and laughter unless there are reasons for that. And you know, the ranking from Japan, India and China are telling us which schools that are the best at the highest level, and this is due to the quality, and what the people in the organizations really can do, and what competences they have, and what they are capable of doing with the competences and the knowledges.

The plaid as we know it, emerged in Scotland, the Northern part of Scotland in the 1700s. And there are many patterns in these plaids, and they have been developed ever since since the early time when they originated. And you know, the plaid can be used to different purposes, to different times and to different cases and to different ideas and actions, and you know we are using the plaid to protect ourselves, and to protect the surroundings where we are from time to time, and we are also using the plaid if we are cold in our human bodies, and that we are freezing, and that we are feeling ourselves in badly states and conditions. So, anyone being at any place to any time should not destroy anything in our lives, and we should use the plaid just to get more comfort and convenience in the life, and life is about satisfaction, and loving the different situations just as they are coming to us in the human nature in the nature. And life is about what is between our legs, and with being thinking with our brains to make understanding and doing the life easier to perceive. And we should not be inflated and haughty with knowledges, but we should be constructive and clever enough to master the tasks we are facing in properly ways, and we should be humble enough for all the missions and the visions that we are facing, and all things in business life is about earning money on the ideas, and therefore the good ideas are preferred in relation to wasting away the bad ones. And life is too short to dwell with all small things and great things during our life times, and therefore we should use our brains on the best and more cleverly done purposes and actions that we feel are important to perceive. And any dissertation is just some choices in the freedom in the diversity, and we can nearly always make comments on how to do it better, and many of these tasks are not presented the best places in the best schools at the highest level.

So, the plaid can be used many places, for instance in the mountains and in the cottages, when we are taking the ferry from place A to place B and also in the opposite way. And we can also use the plaid, if we are having too much sun in the sun shining. And having trips in the snow and in the winter, often imply that we are using the plaid, and we should always be warm enough in our bodies, and nowadays we are loving Scotland, and the people coming from Scotland, and there is plenty of history and warm humans that we know something about today, and we can visit our friends there, and we can learn many new things, and life is about knowing and not knowing.

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