The world inventions: The history and the case of the waffle iron!

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You know, the waffles, they are really nice to consume, and to appreciate with wonderful talking and chatting wherever places that we are facing humans, and you know, in different environments, people can chat as they want, and they can eat and drink what they want. And waffles, that is a thing that many of us appreciate in life, and life is wonderful to enjoy when the eating products are wonderful, and there are much nice to experience and to like around the planet, and we should be where we are from time to time.

So, we are just in environments where we are seeking freedom, diversity and precision in the whole life, and we should love our ladies, and there are many to love of different ages at different places, and the meaning of life is loving the people that we are meeting, and this is just on the phone and on the calls, and when meeting people with other kinds of channels in the life, and we can make any instrument that is available to make people and organizations to be as happy as possible, and we should not be afraid with using condoms in many ways on many ladies. And this is what life is, and we should like the ladies, and we should love them as much as we can, and these things can be within hotels, at our homes, and at many places abroad, and we should love the people, and they should love us, and life is just about perception of the human bodies of any kinds to any time anywhere ever since, and therefore many of us are heroes, and we should be engaged with doing professional service to any times.

And you know, we should just have the life in ordinary and in natural ways, and we can agree and disagree on what is happening in any place, and you know, we should just be as the life is perceived and being conceived of anybody to any place at any time where we are from place to place, and what we are eating in life, is perhaps the best time moments that we can find to any place, and sexuality and eating that is wonderful activities with life, and you know there can be billions of activities anywhere, and we should love the people we are meeting, and we should be constructive, and we just are perceiving bodies around the globe, and hence all local, national and international agreements and contracts are just about humans just as they are, because we are representing the humanity when being a human in any country, and what we are making is either free, and/or it is linked to any sciences with good and/or bad perspectives about what is coming in life. And you know, the breaks we are having, that is just about chatting and liking the life, and sometimes we are eating, because humans need to eat something during a day to survive just as the life is when we are in the life, just as many people are perceiving the life, and organizations are just names and systems, and some of them have brand values and some have not, and therefore we should be proud to be where we are from time to time, and we should make the best times with the employer and the employees when we are there, and any organization is just putting a new condom or a new training suit on you, and this is the perception of any human bodies to any time.

And you know the waffles that is something we are appreciating in the life, because many of us enjoy and experience the life just as it is coming from time to time. The earliest waffle irons on the earth originated in the Low Countries within the 14th century. And the Low Countries, they are just Belgium, the Netherlands, Flanders, Luxembourg, France and Germany. So, here in any of these places the waffle iron originated, and creating these delicious waffles, created a new time with businesses and none-businesses using the waffle iron in distinct places, and hence the use of the waffle iron has been commercial and not commercial, and we can make money on all the things that are conceivable, and the waffles, they are things that people like through the whole planet, just do to ordinary and daily purposes, and also when making sport activities just as cycling, running, swimming or other activities that are possible. And humans are just on the planet to experience and to enjoy pleasure, and we are should have as much pleasure as we can, and as little pain as we can, and life must be perceived just as it is perceived in many free environments around the blue planet. And Cornelius Swartwout made the invention with the waffle iron for more than 150 years ago, and people love waffles around the whole planet, and there have been many organizations during the human history making waffles, and waffle houses, they have been there for many humans coming from many countries. So; Enjoy the life! And the temptations are where to be used! Use the life and the times as you appreciate them!

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