The world inventions; The case and the history of the home pages!

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You know, things should be normal, and we should not be persecuted and frightened, and we have not asked for any control or any staring regime, and this is not allowed today. And we should have this home pages on the internet, showing what we are doing, and what is going to happen today and in the future, and we are here to appreciate each other, and the home pages should give yourself in good mood, and these pages could be changed or doing nothing with, and they should be even more attractive if people should visit them, and otherwise people are getting messages through other channels.

So, the life is just something we can dwell with in all of our lives, and we all know that research is about understanding the small details, and the greater subjects about what is going to happen now and in the future, and this is also about many things, like for instance the rainforests and the climate change, and we should think about these things, and what we can do to take properly care of them in the future. So, the home pages, these pages are just about giving and taking messages, and much of these things can be statistics, some of them are just making copies about the power structure in the country where we are, and many home pages are not too creative and they are not getting too much information about where we are, and how the development will be in the present and in the future. And you know, we are finding these home pages on the internet, and we can go into the address there. So, we are doing research on the internet, and the things going on there, are something we are supporting or we are skeptical and critical, and we do not need these open eyes around us with staring, and these things should be brought to the court, and everything should be normal just as my friends and the families around us have ever told us. And we have not asked about anything, and there should not be any authority or stupid behavior of the police when just getting fast out in the missions, and not knowing what to do and why. So, the home pages are still under development, and we are doing things there that are related to which organization we are, and what can be done to any time anywhere, and we are telling about the subjects, and which activities that are going on. And things are also about lots, and which drawings that should be done in the present and in the future, and we should appreciate what is happening, and we should do what we want in life, and we should ignore and neglect the bad things that we cannot accept going on in the societies.

We should not do too much or too little of anything, and therefore there is a balance in making something, and we should try to find that, and we should always be engaged with getting new and more friends, and it is the same which country we are coming from and it can be nations like Congo and Iraq. We are just spectators, participants and consumers by using the home pages, and we can all be spies and traitors about finding what is going on on the internet, and the home pages are often in the front of the organization in question, and they are giving you the last information and the last news, and they are telling you what to think and to feel, and what we should do alone or together in the future, and we should not dwell too much about what is going on, but the organizations must choose something of the information forming the messages, and we can all like or dislike the home pages, and maybe some of us have critical opionions about what these home pages can really do for the organization that we are going into from time to time, and things are often done in the smartest and easiest ways, and we can accept things, and we can deny things, and we should be updated with the information that prevails just today, and being better prepared for tomorrow, that is the way that we are organizing the life, and what is coming when coming.

The philosophy of the web sites and the home pages is about metaphysics, and that really is existing, and what we can know about the human nature in the nature, and these things are called for the epistemology. And the home pages are about what is going to happen, although these things are not the reality unless they are happening, and therefore we also have virtual space and time on the internet, and that is the net between us. And life is about diversity, freedom, and acceptance of all humans with their blood system, hearts and brains, and we should not discriminate anybody, and life is about accepting the color of the skin in the human bodies, and love the people we are meeting, and the home pages can be constantly organized or they can be changed, and they should cover hot and updated information about what is going on, and there can be videos, movies and pictures also there.

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway


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