The world inventions; On making use of video cameras many places!

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You know, many of us love these pictures being in motions instead of getting pictures with frozen pictures from time to time, and that is due to that we are using our bodies in the life, and that our friends and new environments with domestic and foreign people like to see the life just as it is, and we are here to make choices in the conceivable reality, since everything or nothing is not possible actions of being in life when being there, and we are forced to do things to shape the life.

You know, we are loving many pictures from different situations in the life, and we love to be engaged with different things on the blue planet, and we should love all the people we know, and many of them are making a good practice about what life is, and we should love all the initiatives and efforts about what to do in the life, and we are free here to do whatever in the languages which we like, and we can always learn more, and therefore life is pleasant and funny and serious, and something it can be stupid and wrong, and therefore we should fill the life with as many positive events that we can find there, and we should find solutions on many problems, and therefore there should be competence and development of competence in many places and colleges and business schools and in universities, and we should love each other, and being constructive, and life is such that we can make studies on everything that can be conceived and any study should be strong enough and good enough in quality to make extensions and deeper understanding on the life and the environments, and when having competence we can be engaged with it in the whole life, and we can do whatever if we are understanding what philosophy, psychology and sociology really are about, and what they are telling us about how to understand things when humans are alone and together in groups, and that life is about stable situations and dynamic situations, and we can have ideas to infinity about what is going on in the organizations and in the environments that we are a part within from time to time and from place to place.

You know, we not just love to read and to reflect on all these kinds of books that are everywhere on the planet, and there is much to know about many things in life, and we should like all the kinds of efforts that humans are doing where we are and in our environments, and we try to understand life, and to give solutions on the needs that humans, leaders and organizations have, and you know the national songs are excellent starting points when doing new relations anywhere, and you know towns, cities, villages and districts, that are own ways to understand urban and regional instances about what is going on. And taking these pictures are lovely for many, but in the video cameras we can make lives and organizations in motions, and therefore there are just choices to be made in life, and we can make all the choices that are conceivable, and we can also think of new products in life, and what about the nice and lovely laser radar or just ladar, and this is about light detection and ranging, and we should use our brains to form the best possible firms and environments that we can image, and let our leaders talk to anybody, also with the professors and the competence that we are having in many places.

We are using video cameras today, and some of them were developed through the 1910s, the 1920s and the 1930s in the world, but who was really the first with this new and important world invention? Well, it was Louis Le Prince that was the first with the video cameras in the markets, and he is credited with patenting the first 16-lens movie camera in 1888. And this was really a big invention, and the world started to use it, and today you find these world invention in many countries, and they are coming in new and modern variants from the one time to the next, and therefore product development and testing new products in the markets, are something we have been engaged with in marketing and in strategy through many periods of time. So, often we can see in the eyes of the people that they are making philosophy and new time moments for the organizations, and life should be filled with the same things, and new things from time to time, and humans are here to create history and new time moments, and therefore we should be engaged with doing many things, and we should love the research studies that we have been given several places, and you know, many people are knowing much about the practice that are done, and we should love working with people doing the same things and different things, and always there is the philosophy of making sales and marketing efforts in the world.

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You were caught plagiraising back in July. The whole story about Sverre Larsen vs Christoher vs Ulla Jensen is likely to be all lies. Nothng has changed since 6 months ago, you are still intentionally generating low effort content

I quess this comes up because I wasn't accurate on the exact spot in my last post about the Longmen Grottoes...for 4 years I have been posting travel and photo content. I know it is my fault that I haven't read the rules well enough about how specific I should have been. My fault. All these years I have pinned the City on the map. Not the exact spot. Nobody from the pinmapple team ever gave me a little hint about this being wrong.When it comes to 'low effort content' you are of cause entitle to have an opinion.There is no reason for us to lie about anything. Posting content is only a hobby, that surely will not go on for ever.

I have no idea who I'm speaking to because I'm told three people post in this account. Let's assume this is true and who ever post travel content is different from the plagiarist who is now milking and abusing Hive with the lower level content.

Pinmapple trust users to respect and use the map in the correct way. If you Google a location you'd expect to find it exactly where it is and not miles away. Pinmapple works the same way. You're not a 3 year old, you don't need people to hand hold you to tell you what to do when it's such a simple task.

When the digi-me account was discovered to plagiarise last year, you, whoever you are claimed it was done by somebody else who you claimed you had mistrusted. As I said to you back then, I enjoyed reading your travel content, and trusted that your travel content was legit. I even advised you, twice in fact, that it was a bad idea for individuals to share an account.

You're at liberty to run your account however you want, one person or three people, frankly speaking, I don't care anymore. It's all the same, just one big pile of rubbish. If you're here to milk Hive, then you're at the wrong place. Hive is a much better place than it was three years ago. Don't get the two mixed up.

I am sorry for not writing my name yesterday. But this is Ulla Jensen communicating right now. I always Sogn with my name and only do travel relsted posts and photo posts. So I guess I asumed that everyone knows I am the one answering my own posts.I have to be better at that... I do ser your point og spinning the exact spot. I use Google maps all the time when travelling. I don't have a good answer when it comes to pinmapple! And I am not a 3 year old! I am a 67 year old who should know better. Anyway, I Especially enjoy the travel and photolposts and will continue doing do. I can't see I have anything personally to gain from lying or cheating on purpuse. I am a full time working person for the Norwegean state. I am not depending on making money on Hive. I post when I have the time to do it, at least for another year ør two.... before I start to forget ..😄

The Digi-me account is tainted because it produced plagiarise content and is now spinning low effort content. No one cares if it's Ulla or Svere or Christopher, we don't even know or care if it really is three different people. All we can see is that the account plagiarise, produce low effort content and spam pin in Pinmapple. It is not an account that I personally will be interested to support any more and I'm sure there are other in the community who feel the same.

It doesn't cost anything to open a new account on Hive, so it really isn't worth it to be associated with an abuser, that unless you are the abuser and the three are in fact one single person.

I know about the plagiarime. I actually thought of opening my own account, because of that. But not on Hive om å scond thought. I still contribute with content on travel and photography for a little heile, when I have the time, no matter if most people think the quality is 'low'. Ofcause anyone can feel free and choose not to care which one of us is writing, if we are one person or not. So lets just end this conversation. I adwise you to look to and care for the Hivers you do belive are honest and true.

Il just add this if you haven't seen it. -Chris

And one thing is certain, and that is that it is serious to accuse us of lying.. You can look up Ulla on Instagram and see it is her, there are also several posts with pictures of Ulla and me Christopher on trips, which when we climbed Kilimanjaro together. I would like to meet her on a video call face to face with my mother and challenge her to do the same to verify we are who we say we are, which I don't think she can handle. If you can't do that when you accuse us, it says a lot about your character. -Christopher


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