On celebrating the Christmas time during the Viking age and the 19th century; What has really the Christmas been about?

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The Vikings were strong, and they won several battles, and we can read about it in the world history and the Scandinavian history. And during the 19th century, people also celebrated the Christmas as they also did in other centuries. And we should use our knowledges, and today we are thinking about what Christmas has ever been in relation to eating behavior and social affairs. And the power is between our legs, and it is always there.

You know, the Ukraine crisis is both about making Europe outside Ukraine forever and ever, and we cannot integrate these countries, and you know the Viking did many battles, and they won many of the wars, and that is the points of the wars. And Christimas is an annual festivity where we are celebrating the fact that Jesus Christ was born, although we can be uncertain about when he was born, and the history of the life to Jesus Christ together with the Christianity are probably the most sensible and plausible way of understand the life, and we can use all kinds of objections and counterarguments, and we do not find any better history of God and Jesus Christ than we find in the religious books about Christianity!

We light candles, and we enjoy the porridge when the Christmas is there, and we are celebrating the Christmas to ever time in the latest approximately 2 000 years to mark when Jesus Christ was born. And that is about the imaginations and the dreams that we have and have ever learned, and this story and history about Jesus Christ are strong events in the history of understanding ourselves, other people and the environments where we are facing and meeting the nature in reality, and we can use our sensible thoughts and spirit as Hegel wrote and thought, and therefore we find the reality in the philosophy of the lives where we are from time to time. Before the Christmas was known as the days where Jesus Christ was born, the festival was the most important celebration to the Vikings. And the Vikings celebrated the Christmas as decorated with blood, and they drank strong beer, and they gorged themselves on pork to the glory of the gods. And hence, the Christmas time has been celebrated relatively long. In Norway, we have celebrated the Christmas time for more than 1 000 years now, and we are breathing, moving, thinking and feeling, and we are ourselves alone and together with other people.

Advent was introduced as the four weeks before Christmas, and we started this celebrating during the 400th century. And the Christmas is about making the love to God and to our humans living and operating and working within us. And we are making the relations between us, and this is the most important thing in life, and the more people we are knowing and being friends with, the better we are perceiving and being attractive in life.

And Christmas is the mass for Christ, and that is the international way that Christmas really is about, and we should use our energy, and we should give our best efforts where we are working, and there can be many places to work, but we should be where we are from time to time. And we should never give up, and it is nice to have a place to go to. And now we are around Christmas times, and we should celebrate it just as before. And Christmas has always been an event where we are washing our homes and our clothes, and we are playing nice Christmas songs in our homes and in our firms. We are many people loving the Christmas time, and there are enough places where we can be from time to time. And you know, people have made their preparations to Christmas in earlier times, just as we perceive the Christmas to be also these times. And we are eating much good food and drinking many good drinks, and we are giving presents to each other. And some people and organizations celebrate the Christmas with Christmas party out there in the restaurants, and we are drinking many kinds of alchohol, and we are eating lamb ribs and much more beautiful things to enjoy and to celebrate the life. We are together with friends and family in the Christmas, and many people like the social affairs when being together, and we are all in the same human nature in the nature, and hence all of us have the same functions in our bodies, and sciences are about understanding the body and the environments.

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