About the origin of the use of the words Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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You know, Christmas is a word coming from the Old English Cristes-messe, meaning literally Christ’s Mass, and we are having this mass about Jesus Christ when coming to the first Christmas day, and this was the day when we are celebrating when Christ was born. But in sciences and in the literature, there is not any agreement about when Jesus Christ was born, independently of the fact that millions of people are celebrating this event around the planet every year. Some believe that this birth has something to do when Herod was the king, and some are explaining it when we were given the star in the sky, and this rare events have happened, and we are sure that Jesus Christ was born, but we are not sure about how and when with all things, and therefore this uncertainty has something to do with what we know, but we should celebrate these things from one year to the next, and we should continue our celebrations, and we should love the people we are meeting from time to time, and it is the same where we are coming from, since love is the fundamental issue of all the Christianity, and the world religions that we have, making truth and beliefs about salvation in people's lives, and this is important for many people on the planet of different ages. And we should like all the people we are meeting.

We are many people that are celebrating the Christmas from year to year, and this means celebrating the times and the life of Jesus of Nazareth, and we should do these things to the end of the days. And we should be properly engaged in the life, and we should love our employees, and the leaders should be there, and they should give us properly and good messages to any times. And we should speak in good manners, and nobody of us should use drugs to any time, and this is how the perception of life is to any time. Think about how many satisfied humans we are meeting, and there are knowledges and no knowledges about things we are perceiving, and these things are in relation to what Immanuel Kant perceived about the reality and grasping it, and we are sometimes framed with something we are knowing, and at other times we are not knowing anything.

So, research is about knowing the truth, and in being in doubt about what has ever happened anywhere. And maybe you are knowing it or not, but the word Christmas is actually about Jesus Christ, but in the Nordic countries we are saying and writing «God jul» to «Merry Christmas», and these things we are communicating to each other are starting in the Nordic countries, and many people believe that we should continue to use these words, and some people think that the word Christmas means that Christ was born to the earth, and that we were celebrating these things as a great event about what we are thinking, believing and appreciating in life, when using our senses for the facts and the supernatural forces that are happening to many times, and you know even we are not sure about many things in the life to Jesus Christ, this has something to do with the Romans burning the traces in Jerusalem after the history of the suffering to Jesus Christ.

So, the research environments are often closed to think something when we actually are in doubt, and we do not know for sure what has ever happened, and how the structure and the history were from time to time. And we should link ourselves to the best environments and the best universities, and we are seeing that the universities are coming with courses and social affairs with different rankings in the world, and we should use the schools where we are qualified, and where we can use our capacities and abilities in completely good manners and extensions. So, you know the Editorial Boards are making suggesting about beliefs, and what should be within the mind, but life is both about restrictions in the human brains, but it is also completely freedom of any issue with any length of thinking, feeling and believing to any time, and we should love being told the same issues in Christmas as we are being told from year to year. And you know, the origin of everything is something we are dwelling with when trying to understand the reality, and we should support different environments, and we are giving their support for empathy, understanding and for living the lives just as we are living them we freedom and choices.

So, that was the history about the origin of the words we are using when celebrating Christmas, and the Happy New Year, that is the thing we are wishing each other when going from one year to the next year, and we are using a calendar, and this is about the meaning of the gateways and the beginning of everything coming from God. And you know, the new and the old year, they have always their darknesses and their sunlights, and we should be pleased to know what is happening on the earth from time to time, and why we are perceiving the things we are perceiving, and you know, research is a new kind of search to any time when we are living, operating and working on the planet.

Have a happy and beautiful and peaceful Christmas and a good new year!

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