R Language - How to Use Haven Package

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In this post, we take a look at how to use Haven Package in R. This package is being used by the R users for importing various 3rd party file formats into their projects. So if you are using this package you would be able to import some of those foreign packages.

Previously I posted about the lattice package in R. It was kind of brief overview like most of my tutorials but I covered decent amount of the content in the same. I think for those who are into the visualization with R, they should follow some of my past tutorials and also in near future.

I'd also recommend you to download the R Studio. As that IDE in itself is going to be solving some of your issues and the choices would increase with simple work using that IDE. I loved to see how that IDE works and it kind of helps out with the tutorial too.

Apart from R, I'd be also covering the Minitab tutorials in near future. So you may benefit from that IDE too if you are in the process of using it for the stats. Most of the users prefer this package as it is a good option.

I have created a video to give you an overview on how to use the Haven Package for the data science work. You should give this one a try.

In this video you would learn how to use the Haven package. You would also learn how to install this package and then use it for the importing of the files. It is kind of an easy way to use this package but kind of hard if the potential files are not easy to find online.

So if you want check this page out for those foreign stat packages like - SPSS, SAV and others.

The data looks something like this.


Install the Packages

We are going to install the packages and that would be haven package. And next thing we are going to be making use of the library function where that package - haven would be used.

You can see that in the below image.


Now let's try the demo code for reading the .SAV file. You can see that it's a good example of how the file can be read.

data = read_sav("survey.sav")

Now that you run the file you can get the output something like that.


If you have followed the tutorial upto this point then you may have got the result for the SAV file. And some of the other files like say SPSS and the strata files too would be worth checking out. There is also Minitab program that saves the file into the MTP format. You can export and import into those files too with it, there is alternative package called foreign that would help in that case.

One more update on the part of the tutorials. My content has been completed for scheduling work upto January 2024. I think in near future I hope to complete few more tutorials and then maybe I can even reach the 2025 year at this slow rate. But it's a slow process for me as of now.

I think Power BI program would be in my focus from this point onwards for my tutorials. I have to cover that too. But as of now I struggle with the sample data and that needs changing. Last time someone asked me on Big data, I need to think of the Apache Cassandra tutorials and big data tutorials which may get completed next year.

I hope that you are enjoying some of my R language and data science tutorials. I hope that some of my coverage on this topic would be helpful to you.

If you happen to like this content, do give me feedback over there and that would help me improve my efforts in near future.


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