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For a teaching process to take place in isolation is almost impossible, since it is essential that it be accompanied by a series of elements that end up combining in a learning process.

An example of interaction can be the one we classically know between a group of students and one or several teachers, everything in this life has a purpose, teaching would not have an object of existence if it were not behind the need of the human being to acquire knowledge through the capabilities of the one who teaches (teacher) and the capabilities of the one who captures the knowledge (student or learner).

Although the student is not directly involved in the teaching, he is an essential part of the teaching, because if he does not have the necessary capacities to generate significant learning, no matter how good the teaching is, in the end the expected objectives will not be achieved.

It is necessary that education goes beyond the classical philosophy of traditional teaching, because when we are in a process of knowledge transmission, we can use new techniques and/or skills as great teaching resources, but if we do not go into the correction of poor cognitive skills of the learner, then those good teaching practices of the teacher are lost as who throws away something good.

The idea rooted in a philosophy of teaching should focus on a deepening of education with a focus on teaching beyond traditional limitations.

If we focus as teachers on simply being actors merely in the transmission of knowledge and the student is simply a secondary actor, where he or she is limited to simply being a receiving element that is limited to culminate with that teaching-learning chain, then we are doomed to failure within a teaching philosophy that must change to an ecosystem adapted to the needs of today and tomorrow.


Hello @carlo84
The interaction between the teacher and the student is vital to strengthen the teaching process.
I particularly enjoy the exchange of information during my classes with my students, their participation reaffirms to me once again the scope of the information I provide them.
Excellent article, thanks for sharing.
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