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Technology in education is something that had to come sooner or later in our lives, however since we are running certain technological tools we can appreciate some advantages and disadvantages, so it would be appropriate to make an evaluative analysis to help us understand the importance of a balance in this relationship: technology-education.

The incorporation of technology in education has not spared its incorporation in the different educational levels, so it is very common that our children in the primary education stage already know how to handle a computer better than ourselves.

One of the ways in which we must assume the reality of the technological incorporation in the educational field, is that if we buy other aspects of our daily life, we realize that technology and the digital era has revolutionized and changed our lives completely, and everyone will give their positions if it has changed them for better or worse, but what is certain is that it has contributed to a process of change quite interesting.

Taking into consideration that technology has changed many aspects of our lives, then we must recognize that a field as important as education, should not be left behind, which is why we see today the incorporation of more applications that promise to make education an easier way.

As is the case with any incorporation, there are always new drawbacks in adaptation and assimilation, which is why it is normal that in every impossibility of adaptation we have to get the idea that these changes of era in which traditional education gave way to a digital education, new challenges are needed to meet the needs that may arise in the educational field and the incorporation of new technologies.

It is already a clear example that technology and the digital era is a fact with no turning back in today's education, which is why we should ask ourselves the following question:

What role should technology play in today's education?

Personally I believe that the main role that technology should play in current times is not incorporation, because as we all know, technology is there, however the availability of this technology in some countries as is the case of my country Venezuela is very difficult.

We all know the advantages that digital technology brings in education, however it must improve its sense of accessibility, although it is true that we can count on a youth of students quite familiar with technology, we can see how there may be teachers who are not at par with this understanding and technological adaptation, so the role of technology should be to allow to be accompanied with ranges of accessibility both in its management and in the economic capacity to acquire it.


Much can be said about what has distorted the use of technology in education, it is true that sometimes it is not given the true use it deserves, but it is not the fault of technology, it is the fault of those who do not give it the true use, remember that digital technology is there to provide us with digital tools such as internet, computers, digital whiteboards, cell phones and tablets, among other tools.

The role that technology should play is to educate and raise awareness among its customers that it is necessary that we are prepared to give it the best use, in particular I evaluated in a fairly acceptable range all the evolution in incorporation that technology has had in education, and in particular I think it will evolve in the future to have a better acceptance and adaptation.


Greetings @carlos84, is a very important issue, and even more so with the kind of education that you live today, because due to the pandemic and distance education, it is very important to the balance between education and technology, that is why so many companies dedicated to the development of technology, he sought ways to generate programs that achieve better education, making it more dynamic and accessible to all people, including those of primary education, being the children of the house and tend to get distracted easily.

Certainly friend this topic takes an important relevance for these times of pandemic in which the link between education and technology is so important.

Greetings and thank you for reading and making this important comment.


Thank you very much for your support to the edu-venezuela community, greetings friends.

Greetings @carlos84, the evaluation of technology in the educational part is something that should be taken safely and supervised, because today as you yourself comment are few parents who know the use of computers unlike young people who are very well developed in this field and therefore not only can use it for educational activities but for other things that are not beneficial to them, In this sense, I particularly think that in order for Venezuela to achieve an excellent advance in educational technology, the country's economy must improve a lot, since both educators and parents must have these tools.

Hey @carlos84, I totally agree with you on all of these points. Technology helps students to research subjects, share ideas and learn specific skills. As well as It allows flexibility in learning that it is enabling our students to work in a more collaborative manner. Recently I read about edubirdie who provides all kinds of educational support online for global students through using many educational technologies. Technology in education enables students to adjust to their own pace of learning.

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