Energy education : Will the energy transition be impossible without the presence of fossil fuels?

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As much as our planet cries out for an energy transition where oil-derived energy is replaced by clean and renewable energy sources, this road is still long and difficult to reach.

The reason is very simple, is that until now the demand for oil and gas has been very large and has not been replaced, apart from that the current world is trying to balance forces and make the current supply of oil can exceed or equal the existing demand in order to placate the various energy crises that may emerge in the event that the energy demand can not be covered with the current oil production.

There are oil markets such as OPEC that are very clear in their vision of the current energy scenario, and although they have to live up to their current energy commitments, they also claim to be committed to a sustainable energy transition even though they themselves recognize that it will be a long and perhaps difficult process, but it is fair and necessary.

The oil industries are aware that renewable energies could mean for humanity an important step towards finding that sustainability so necessary for life on our planet to be viable and lasting for our next generations.

The incorporation towards this transition will be gradual on the part of the oil companies, as we have seen the continuous interest of some companies such as Aramco.

Any transition needs the old elements and gradually discard them little by little, which is why I believe that it is impossible that in an energy transition process there are no energy sources derived from oil, it is important the scientific and technological contribution to work on new sources of renewable and environmentally friendly energy so that the transition process is as efficient as possible.


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It is unfortunate that the world continues to use fuel despite the great pollution it causes.
In my country, Algeria, the desert covers seventy percent of the country, and despite that, they don't use solar energy