Energy education: What will the oil industry spend its money on in 2022?

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There is no doubt that the oil industry in general has had to withstand the onslaught of the crisis generated by the economic recession caused by the pandemic, however, by now we could say that the oil company has recovered a little from the crisis that began in 2020, for what continues to happen there is a vision for the future where by 2022 it will have sufficient financial resources to be prepared for a possible energy transition.

This 2022 could be promising economically speaking for the oil industry and for its investors, in particular I think that two parallel and positive scenarios can be envisaged, one of them is that there could be an effective progress in the decarbonization of the oil industry, the other scenario is that the profits for oil investors could be better than in 2020 and 2021, particularly because the normality in the energy demand is becoming more stable.

If we talk about the aspects on which the oil industry will spend its finances, it is because we must anticipate what will be the fundamental issues that will be part of the objectives for the global oil industry for the year 20222. Among the most important aspects that should be discussed and evaluated are: investment for clean energy generation, decarbonization of the oil industry and other issues that involve the transition process that is approaching in the oil industry.

It is important that these issues are discussed and evaluated since they are part of the solution to a transition that will place us in an energy supply whose generation is sustainable for life on our planet.


It is almost impossible for the global oil industry to ignore some issues that are crucial for the rest of humanity, today's society demands that carbon emissions are reduced, that oil production operations are decarbonized, all these demands make me think that investments for the year 2022 will be focused on solving and providing solutions to the demands raised.



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