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Hello friends, on this occasion I want to share with you a fairly broad appreciation of the different approaches we can have as teachers when teaching.

We could start with a very important approach and it is the one that lies in the execution of teaching as such, since as teachers we can know a lot about a subject and feel with the ability to have a broad knowledge of the subject to be transmitted, however the execution places us in a context where it is more important to have a broad and significant ability to transmit knowledge where knowledge transits through various means and different techniques and skills are applicable in the teaching process.

The teacher's approach in this process is also aimed at giving the student a leading role, where the paradigm of seeing the student as a secondary actor in this teaching process can be broken. In order to achieve such a degree of participation in this state of teaching, it is important that the teacher allows students to sustain their learning over time, so that the learning acquired thanks to the student's primary participation is not lost in the short term.

The student must be involved in the teaching process, as much as if he will teach himself, so it is important that he can take the knowledge transmitted by the teacher and accept a subsequent demand for retention of such knowledge, for this he needs that the concepts learned in the classroom lead to a real life application.

Once students see their knowledge expanded and in full development, they will feel the satisfaction of being able to possess their knowledge forever.

Teachers must evolve to an educational ecosystem where the evaluation of students is not the most important thing, although it is true that evaluation is important to measure the knowledge of students based on what has been taught,there are elements that are more relevant, such as:

We have to expand this thinking to the idea that learning is not for a grade in the evaluation process, but that learning should be meaningful and that it should last over time to achieve our professional objectives.


When the focus of a teacher is directed towards a good action, then the most certain thing is that the teacher will teach through a process where he can give his students the best content with the best means so that the concepts are fixed and can last in time, and the teaching-learning process is seen more as a tool to form the useful professionals of tomorrow, beyond that it is to obtain a simple qualification, that more than well the student can leave well in the qualification of the evaluation, but when passing the time the knowledge is lost not obtaining the best benefits of that process teaching - learning that the education with conscience offers us.


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Hi @carlos84 interesting your writing. In these processes there are several actors and tools to be used, knowing their fundamentals. The realities are different in the world, but the north is that our students get those knowledge and apply it in their future. Thank you