My teacher, the hologram - An educational story : PART 3

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Straight away little yellow, green and red lights began to flash. A flap opened and a screen appeared.

"Good morning, Mike Roberts," Mike read on the screen. The next moment the screen moved even further out of the capsule. Mike leaned closer and read further. "You are warmly welcomed to the Fantasy Classroom Chain. Do you have any questions before we start?" Mike scratched his head. He must never miss an information session again! He took a deep breath and cleared his throat.

“Um, yes well, hello. Can you tell me what the Fantasy Classroom Chain is?” he asked nervously.

"The Fantasy Classroom Chain -or FCC- is an exciting new change in the education system. You will no longer be taught by means of a virtual classroom."

“Why on earth not?” asked Mike. He liked their virtual classrooms!

"Virtual classrooms are effective in the sense that large numbers of learners can be taught in the comfort of their own homes. However, they are certainly not a substitute for personal attention."

The capsule began to rumble. "No more nattering! It is time to introduce you to Miss Kolbe."

“Who’s Miss Kolbe?” asked Mike.

"Miss Kolbe is your new class teacher. She will personally see to your education. Read the following piece of information so that we can begin. Good luck."

A little flap popped up and a metal disk appeared. Mike took it out and started to read: Welcome to FCC! Your new class teacher, Miss Kolbe, has been specially designed to take care of your needs. She will:
• Focus on your strong points
• Pay more attention to your problem subjects
• Listen to all your comments, questions, suggestions and problems
• Be equipped with a sensor that will indicate when you are too tired or to sick to go on with your lessons.

Mike started to smile. This didn’t sound too bad! He was always tired after the first hour of school!

The capsule started to rumble louder. Flaps with mirrors began to slowly unfold and a hologram appeared.

“What are you doing there, little boy? You are already an hour behind with your schoolwork and you are still in your pyjamas! You’re a hopeless case!”

Mike’s mouth dropped open. A very old lady was standing in front of him, with her grey hair in a bun that had been tightly fastened at the back of her head. She was a hunchback. Her hands looked like claws and her teeth were a brownish-yellow colour.


To be continued


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