How I See Education from Africa and the Modern World

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One of the things I cherish in life is education because of its vital impartation of knowledge from generation to generation. I see education as one of the tools that can prepare one in achieving a better tomorrow. This is one of the reasons why I decided to embrace education from childhood to my adulthood thereby ascertaining the thorough vitality of formal and informal education in human existence.

Let's say there was no education at all cost, do you ever imagine where I would have found myself by now? I know vividly well that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to air my views through writing for the public to have access to such tacit and explicit knowledge of mine. Tracing this question from the ancient African way of living, the abduction of the Western education has really brought civilization to Africa and some other parts of the world thereby exposing the Africans to the Western style of living.

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Education was the only thing that changed almost 80% of the African culture and tradition which was imposed negatively by some African ancient rulers on its citizens. Some members of the African tribes were really suffering from the traditional way of life imposed on them because they had no knowledge that such culture and tradition will not be of help to them and even if they tried to react they may end up being killed by the so called rulers.

Do you know that it was through Western education that the killing of twins from Calabar and another part of Nigeria was abolished? One Western education which started in Nigeria as a missionary from a Scottish lady known as Mary Slessor from 1876 at the age of 28 years was the only thing stopping the killing of twins in Nigeria. Let's say it wasn’t for Mary Slessor, those twins that were killed, and others that would have been killed by now. No one knows what the future may have turned them into in achieving a better world for tomorrow.

Knowledge exposure through formal and informal education:
Education is the only key to getting to success because if you’re not informed definitely you’re deformed which simply means that what you were never taught about by anybody may be achieved through formal or informal education. Without education, knowledge can never be shared from generation to generation through authors and teachers.

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Informal Education
This is the type of education that focuses on people’s surroundings of a particular community or tribe thereby exposing them to its related skills, attitudes, values, and even knowledge. Informal education doesn’t require a curriculum to function because it is achieved within the house. Informal education can also be achieved from the gathering of people outside school which they turn to play games, chat, watch videos, support performance, and later shared diverse knowledge together.

Through the effort of education, informal education among citizens of diverse communities is able to understand more about the rudiment behind their culture and tradition. I have never seen anyone in life that will practice any form of culture or tradition without having the knowledge of it. This is a fact and has proven that education is playing a significant role in enhancing the culture and tradition of diverse tribes in the world.

Formal Education
This is the type of education that was formally abducted to Africa through the Western world missionaries and it follows a particular curriculum of learning. Formal education is achieved through Nursery, Primary, Secondary, and University levels for Individuals to be exposed to and trained in a specific field of study. This training among individuals through schools includes professional, vocational, and technical training but must be focused on a specific discipline.

Through formal education, people acquire diverse knowledge on health, rights, management, entertainment, computer, writing, and many more.

Employment Opportunity:

Through education, job creation is secured among individuals who are certified by acquiring a certain educational degree or trade test. Through formal education, people who acquired a certain degree from the University are given the opportunity in different organizations, firms, or companies to practice what they studied in school in order to earn a living. While some individuals who acquired training test certificates from their master in specific skills like furniture, photography, shoemaking and needlework, hairdressing, and many more will also be opportune to work as self-employed type.

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Technological Advancement:

Through the help of education, people are able to access the internet with the use of a computer after undergoing computer training. Are you aware that average Nigerian youths who are graduates from the University without a job are benefiting from the internet? They may be writing as a blogger, freelancer, or for a company outside Nigeria with the help of the internet.
Let me say that they were no technology education which has widened the knowledge of the Africans, especially Nigerians to know the importance of the internet and has also helped many African youths to be employed by foreigners to do certain jobs online just to earn a living. The level of poverty would have increased to the level it is now in African countries.