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Have you ever wondered why we do not fall off Earth, since we know it spins around and around?  This is because of something called gravity.  How does it work and what effect doe it have on us and nature and do other planets also have gravity?  

Lets gather some information on this.


  1. What is gravity?
  2. Who discovered gravity and how did he do that?
  3. What other object in space have gravitation?
  4. What influence does the moon have on the ocean?
  5. Why will a bigger object fall faster than a smaller object?
  6. Why would you be able to jump higher on the moon than on Earth?
 Objects with mass are attracted to each other, this is known as gravity. 

Gravity is very important in our Solar system, because it keeps all the planets and moons from floating away or bumping into each other - it keeps it all in their own path to orbit around the Sun.

If you go to the sea, you will see there are high tides and low tides - this is caused due to the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun.


The less the gravity of a planet, the less you will weigh.  So if you weigh 200 pounds on Earth, you will only weigh 76 pounds on Mars since the gravity is much less there.  So, no need to go on a diet..... just move to another planet hahahaha.

It is thanks to Isaac Newton and his inquisitive mind that we even know about gravity.


The gravity will get less if you go high up in the air, but not a lot - if you go up 100 km in the air, the gravity will only be less 3% than on Earth.  It is only once you go into outer space where you will truly feel and see the effect of less or no gravity.

If the astronauts go into outer space, they float around in the space craft.  They need special outfits to exit the space craft, so that they do not float away.  Do you think you would like floating around like that?  Lets have a look at what life in outer space is like.


The gravitational force or the 'g-force' is the amount with which an object is pulled toward another object. The faster the object moves, the greater the g-force.  The higher the speed, the more pressure or weight is put on your body or a part of it.  So that means if you go in a very fast car, it will feel like you get pushed back against the seat.  That is because of the g-force.  Astronauts have to get special training to be able to cope with the g-force they will feel when the spaceship goes up into space.  Roller coasters also have a high g-force.

Not all people can handle the increased g-force and will actually pass out.

The human body can handle increased g-forces as seen in activities such as dragster races, airplane acrobatics and space training. The highest known acceleration voluntarily experienced by a human is 46.2 g by g-force pioneer John Stapp. 

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Howdy anneke! Very good basic educational material. What age group is this for? Because on most of your posts I should know the information but I still learn from them. lol.

This is Gr 4-6 about - we are never too old to learn and at our age we forget things and learn again hahaha

Yes that's a great point anneke, I forgot most of the things I supposedly learned in school!

I still think I should try to build my gravity suit. Have it lined with quicksilver or something super magnetic then build a chamber where you just turn the magnetism up increasing "gravity" Then train like Goku from DBZ.

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