The planning of classes by the teacher

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Dear readers, those who have the responsibility of educating our young people and children are people who, in addition to having the ability to transmit knowledge in a simple and effective way, are professionals in the areas of which they are responsible, therefore, they must have sufficient knowledge to enrich the learning of students. But no matter how much knowledge you have, you must plan and organize the information that will be socialized with the students and go addressing the issues in a coherent way until you can strengthen the knowledge of the students in an orderly way.

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It could be said that planning is a key element to organize teaching activities and achieve the intended goal, it is very important to have a great strategy to convey in detail what you want to teach and of course the way it will be transmitted. The first step that we consider that should be taken into account when planning is the programmatic content of the curricular unit, having such information the teacher according to his experience in the area will have the possibility to decide if it can be taught in the chronological order that appears there, or on the contrary order it according to what he deems most convenient.

On the other hand, as part of the learning experience, the teacher must decide the way he will teach his classes, taking into account that there are a variety of teaching media that can be used, these include lectures, problem-based learning and cooperative learning models, the lecture is when the instructor stands in front of the class and socializes the content this is a traditional approach to teaching in which the authority lies with a single person; and cooperative learning could become an educational model where the point of view of the entire auditorium is shared and teams can be established with students.

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In this same order of ideas, it is important that the teacher within the planning delimit which are the tools, materials and didactic equipment that he will use to provide a quality education, everything should be based on trying to make the classes effective and attractive, since. this skill can help you deliver lessons that are concise and relevant, which ultimately helps students learn more effectively. When face-to-face classes are taught, one of the most used tools is the video beam, through it you can project in an orderly way what you want to transmit to the audience, there is also the blackboard used for many decades and that nowadays can also be useful, for curricular units such as mathematics, statistics, among others.

Nowadays, with the strengthening of virtual classes, it is also important to decide what will be the technological means of communication through which the classes are transmitted and that it is easily useful for students, that it is a light application and with options to upload information such as documents, books among other types of support material for the student.

Final considerations
Definitely a teacher should not get to improvise in the classroom, even if he has a lot of experience in the area, since transmitting organized information allows the student to orient himself better, if we start spreading the information in a disorderly way it could cause confusion in students. That is why many teachers and education professionals consider planning to be the most important step when facilitating learning in classes.

Effective class planning should be easily adaptable, interactive and sustainable at present within the planning should be considered the technology used to provide satisfactory educational experiences through the use of the computer within a virtual environment that creates communication interaction and collaborative study with students through the use of mobile devices equipped with mobile technology and software designed to facilitate and manage collaborative learning, as well as forge links between teaching-learning processes. Technology should be put to good use to educate.

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