Reflections on the teaching-learning model in universities.

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Dear readers, the model of education college of our country Venezuela is still leading way conductivista, where young people find themselves in a classroom sitting in front of a teacher who, though he is a specialist in an area, possibly take a lot of time repeating the same thing and is not updated before the current realities, in this regard it should be noted that not all of the teachers, but if there is a small percentage that adapts to these features. This type of education from our point of view has allowed some educational agencies to take off that certify knowledge in an innovative way but that also does not guarantee that it is educated to solve problems in society.

In that sense, we think that within the university campus along with the lessons teachers can foster a kind of community of inquiry where students share concerns about some of the terms related to problems that affect the society, with the intention that are devoted to the production of knowledge with the implementation of research that will ensure the solution to the problems, maintaining a space and educational process active.

According to the aforementioned, there is a need to transform that linear learning where the teacher is the owner of knowledge towards a knowledge construction education where the teacher logically participates and seeks the solution of problems that are linked to the area of knowledge and the reality of the population. For example, in our branch of agriculture, research could be conducted that can solve production problems associated with certain crops, which in the medium and long term would guarantee the food security of the population.

It can be said then, that conventional university education focuses on generating potential employees to continue strengthening the already established productive models and not to solve the problems of society and undertake activities and companies by their own means that adapt to the development needs of today. To achieve this, we must start by breaking paradigms and begin to establish a different university reality, where there is a collective construction of knowledge where students are active subjects within research projects, this will undoubtedly encourage universities to be a fundamental part of the development of our countries.

IDear readers, Venezuela is going through economic problems that everyone knows and that is why, among the protagonists of the transformation of our country model are professionals, but at present we need professionals destined to the generation of innovative ventures that strengthen our economic model and that is only achieved by educating to build knowledge based on the real problems of the, by adapting educational models we can be a more proactive society that is always part of the solution and problems become opportunities to continue learning, undertaking and producing.

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I was an instructor at a university last year, most people in academe are bound to follow whatever rules their deans/institution tells them to do. What I did to help students have a better grasp of my subject is to update the syllabus to have examples, exercises, and scenarios that are used in the industry and fit their course instead of generic ones.

Hello dear @oniemaniego, I think it was the best thing I could have done, that's another situation some programmatic contents are outdated, which harms the student's training at present. As I mentioned in the article, we must train professionals who are up to the current challenges.

So long, have a great week.

It is tough... Challenging to convince politicians to invest in education!

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Hello dear @gwajnberg, it certainly seems that for some politicians education goes unnoticed, or it will be that they prefer to have us ignorant to have a better control of the population.

Thank you as always for your valuable comment, have a great week.


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