Jungles - Worksheet for little ones

in Education10 months ago

Have you ever seen the movies 'Jungle book' or 'Tarzan'?  These movies take place in the jungle where there are many plants and animals.  A jungle is a real place found on Earth and you will find it in certain countries.

The jungles are overgrown with lots of plants and is a dense forest.  Rain forests and jungles are very much the same, but the main difference is that there are very thick and high trees in a rain forest that do not let a lot of light through, where in a forest much more light comes in.

The extra light will help more plants to grow and some areas can become so dense that it is very difficult to walk there or spot any danger like animals that can attack you.

In many places a rain forest will be surrounded by jungles and you will find many types of plants and animals here.  Over more than half of all the plant and animal species will be found in the jungles.

It is very hot, humid and rainy in a jungle and specific types of plants flourish in this weather.

Lions are called the 'King of the Jungle', but they do not live in the jungle, they live in the Savannah biome of Africa.  It is just a saying and is based on stories told about animals, wanting to show that the lion is the king of all animals.

Choose a movie you would like to watch, either 'The Lion King' or 'Tarzan' or 'The jungle book' and watch it for fun.

Tarzan is a fictional character (in other words it is not a true story) of a little boy raised by the apes in the jungles of Africa.

Also make a list of animals that you learned about that lives in the jungle and try and find one extra fact on each of them.