Interdisciplinary Thinking for Innovation 💥

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I never touched upon the topic of innovation, which is actually very tied and related to Machine Learning-based products.

One interesting fact about myself: most of the books I own, are non-technical books. REALLY? YES!

You can bring innovation by bettering a Machine Learning model, but in real life you will be asked to make a change on something that is already established, introduce a new idea, create a unique and useful product.

I wasn’t hired in my current positiion just because of my ability to develop and deploy Machine Learning models, c’mon there are probably thosands of people out there better than me at that. I was hired because I can combine multiple fields and I can connect different questions, problems and ideas. Basically, I am capable to find diagonal solutions to the challenging problems.

If you are a beginner in the field, I recommend you not to focus solely on learning Machine Learning algorithms, but to leverage other (unimaginable) areas: sports, poetry, economics...


  1. You’ll become a valuable asset to your potential employers.

  2. It boosts your creativity and critical thinking.

  3. You’ll become more likely to choose to learn new things.

  4. It’s fun and interesting.

Some interdisciplinary thinkers were Leonardo Da Vinci and Steve Jobs! Are you one as well? 🧠



Thats a nice blog, lots of new points on display. Hello,@aicoding, hope you would spend more time on your research projects and come out better day by day.

Happy greetings.🙂

Hey, thanks :) That's the plan ;)

You are welcome, 🎁