One of the best movies about time travel. I recommend with confidence.

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One of the best movies about time travel. I recommend with confidence.

Ok, what could time mean to you, me or others!!? - possibly something ephemeral for sure. It is interesting that time cannot exist, yep... we are the people😊 and one of some of us invented it for orientation - in general we look at it as a reference point compared to our own person, in this physical plane. What would it look like, a world without the presence of time!!? - super hard to imagine. Yep, that's time seems to be an important illusion of our life, something indispensable - we measure it and weigh it throughout our life.

Well, i tend to think that there isn't a single person currently present in this time and space who wouldn't ever wish to travel back in time to right a few little mistakes or maybe play a little observer role on of important historical events of human civilization - a kind of chronicler of time. Finally, regardless of what thoughts are going through your mind at the moment, it is important to move on and continue to look towards your personal future. Time is time and it follows its predetermined course - at the moment officially as far as we know nobody in this world has managed to travel through time .... only with the thought, nothing simpler and unofficially everything can only represent simple stories created only for to draw attention to certain purposes.

Over time, science fiction creations, whether we are talking here about books, comics, series or films, mostly managed to show us how the technology could behave that could help us travel through time and of course the impact it will have on human civilization. This idea of ​​time travel is still a controversial concept that over time has managed to provide humanity with many science fiction creations with major titles.

Yep, at the present time we can really enjoy the existence of numerous cinematographic titles that have the sole purpose of delighting us and of course enriching the imaginations of each of us as much as possible. Ok, if you want to watch a movie that expounds on this fantastic concept of time travel, just check out the following movie titles - great movies that I've seen and highly recommend. Trust me, you won't be disappointed :- The Adam Project, The Tomorrow War, Tenet ( a weird and awesome movie at the same time ), Zack Snyder's Justice League, Assassin’s Creed, Interstellar, Star Trek Series, The Flash, The One and many more. Well, the list could go on with the movies i watched with pleasure that managed to captivate me, but i'll stop here.

Ok, so that we don't take too much longer in this post, i present to you a good older film that i watched recently, a film that made its public appearance in 2012. The film was published under the title Looper and was directed by Rian Johnson, and the cast of the film includes Joseph Gordon Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt. Ok just watch the trailer below.

A small summary of this science fiction creation.

Time travel is illegal and therefore only available on the black market. When the mob wants to get rid of someone unwanted, its members send the victim back thirty years in time where a hitman - as Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is - is waiting to eliminate the target.

Joe earns well and his life seems to be very good until the mob decides to close the circle and get rid of the killer, so they send Joe (Bruce Willis) back in time from the future himself. The action of the film takes place in 2044 when time travel is not yet possible, but thirty years in the future it is, and it is controlled by the mafia with one goal: to kill people.

Ok, from my point of view, it was a surprising film, quite original for the year 2012 - I liked it a lot. I didn't know what to expect, probably more sci-fi and more action, but actually the film conveyed something much more important than that - a psychological game between youth and maturity. Yep, a rather complex story, of course, hard to understand at a given moment. The idea is that the film basically had a happy ending, i don't think it could be any better than that - good can come out of what was actually bad in the future. It's worth watching, the cast is good, the script is just as good, i recommend it with confidence.


Old but gold haha! Thank you for your contribution :)


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I don't remember watching the film you suggested, I will definitely take a look. Among the films about time, Tenet was one of my favourites.

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