TIL: It is actually a Unix system!

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Any of you remember this cheesy scene from the original Jurassic Park?

Well, it turns out it's not yet another dumb Hollywood computer scene!

This is actually a 3d File System Navigator, that was developed for unix called Fusion or FSN. Yeah it looks totally impractical but damn... quite impressive for the early 90s!

You can learn more about it at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fsn_(file_manager)


δε μας φτανουν οι καταθλιψεις μας.....μας μελαγχολεις τωρα και εσυ με τα 90s

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who would have imagined back then that in 30 years most movies would consists of reboots and remakes with an obligatory "woke" adaptation of the original script

What a great time to live in!

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I love you too honey!

Holy shit. That's the future. I can feel it.

And WTF, that animations was possible in the 90s? But late ones, right? :D

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Well thank God you said quite impressive for the 90s. For the kind of tech we had then I'll say many considered this to be stunning or thrilling or mind-blowing. I found this totally uninteresting.


Screenshot_20211020-115906_Samsung Internet.jpg

Imagine having that as the file cover photo in today's age. Man the 90s were another world.