Ok, this is my new favorite show!

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Just stumbled upon this show on YouTube called Dr Pimple Popper.

It's about a dermatologist operating on all kinds of weird and disgusting conditions like for example this man with a huge cyst on his leg:

Or this huge ear blackhead:

Or this guy with a weird mass that looks like a second pair of testicles:

There are also some more extreme cases like this poor fella:

Be warned, there's no censorship during the surgeries, so it might not be for your stomach 🤷


We were on vacation at the beach and when we got back to our hotel room my daughter put that show on. We must have sat there for 3-4 hours watching it. LOL. She makes a little incision them a gentle squeeze and 10 lbs of mayonnaise comes oozing out. HAHAHA So nasty but so oddly satisfying.

Yeah I keep jumping from video to video it's fucking addicting

Be careful… before you know it, it will be February and you will still be watching. 😉

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Why am I not surprised you'd find this show interesting. Well it is actually, If you can stomach it.

Check it out!


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yes I can def see you loving this and cysts


this is a TLC show, a channel dedicated for "put your brain on pause" kind of entertainment, no wonder you enjoy it :P

What brain?


Hahaha! We had a share of this some time ago too.. Disgustingly satisfying videos. lol

Ooohh yes!

ειναι αηδιαστικο ρε φιλε....δηλαδη νταξει...εισαι αρρωστος ρε

Και γω σε αγαπώ!


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I found her YouTube page years ago because of an ex girlfriend and got hooked. Love to watch the surgery part 😅

Yeah, I skip right away to that part 😂

OMG.....that is disgusting but strangely addictive!