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Well, as I usually do from time to time. Today it occurred to me to take a brief walk through the hive's trending page before landing on this blank page of my blog to share an interesting random subject that I've been thinking about from several days.

And you know what? Could you believe that after that short tour and having seen what I saw and having read what I read, I had to decide to cancel what I had originally intended to publish and completely change the subject for something a bit more relevant for my select audience and the whole community?

Well, I suspect that this is a common thing that probably must have happened to everyone. But it's certainly something that doesn't happen to me very often.

Maybe it was because shortly before having passed through the Hive's trending page and having seen some over-rewarded articles over there by and of the usual suspects within the ecosystem. And after switching to the Hot page to take a quick peep and having stumbled upon some other articles like, for instance, a few made by the recently created account @proofofblind and @blind.submit and having also read a couple of the articles written by @wiseagent for the CineTV community (just to name another random account) I came here from having seen other things as well. Other interesting things like just a trio of videos on youtube.

Videos that talk about alliances and partnerships between Tech Giants in the lookout to take over and dominate the world. Besides from wanting to conquer and colonize Mars in the short term and other planets in the not too distant future.

𝝅 = a number with infinite decimals.

So, how you might understand. After this surprising experience and variety in content consumption. I had to compulsorily adjust today's article to something relevant but somewhat lighter than the content I originally planned to publish.

Something more similar and closer to the type of articles and content that one of the authors I mentioned above has published. Something more in line with the type of content that is published in the CineTV and Movies TV Shows communities on Hive.


And that's when it occurred to me to change of subject and rather try to submit you to watch a jewel of the seventh art to see if we can learn something new together.

As it is well known by all. Before a feature film, these are almost always preceded by trailers or shorts of other "coming soon" movies. And precisely with that purpose in mind is that I have chosen a trio of trailers and animated shorts for you to see and digest before consuming the main dish of reflection. I hope you enjoy them.

"The Zone Is Enjoyable. But When That Joy Becomes An Obsession, One Becomes Disconnected From Life"

«-Animated Short I-»

«-Animated Short II-»

«-Animated Short III-»

  • I heard this story about a fish. He swims up to this older fish and says...
    - "I'm trying to find this thing they call the ocean"
  • ¿The ocean? says the older fish...
    - "That's what you're in right now!"
  • ¿This? says the young fish...
    - "This is water. ¡What I want is the ocean!"

«-Featured Film-»


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HaHa, the first video! A very felicitous short film.
Sending the little ones swimming against the tide through the ether to earth, where these creatures can then get up to mischief, a beautiful otherworldly perspective and a hurrah for the non-conformist human being.

Although the individual may identify himself as a deviant through such a film, he is just as much a figure of the one who conforms. I could not understand either perspective if I did not see myself recognised in both characters. Of course, no one wants to be a clone, everyone wants to be individual and unique. And so it is.

The stylistic device of exaggeration is always very suitable for conveying such messages. Outstandingly well done!

Thanks for the find.

“Kindly let me help you or you will drown,” said the monkey putting the fish safely up a tree.