Radio - Television - Internet


Let's take a short look at mass media.

We'il have to go a little past. Let's make a short journey from past to present.

Every invention was a technology revolution when it came to mass media.

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Radio was the only mass communication tool they had (except for written publications) in order to follow the agenda for a period, to receive news from distant lands, to listen to music and even listen to short theater plays.

With the invention of the television, he lost his popularity. The television was a top model and visual form of the radio. Addiction to sound only was replaced as sound + video.

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Initially, the broadcasts divided into limited times caused the works that had to be done in front of the screen and not to miss the broadcast.

Even when the publications did not contain the whole day, there was an interest and interest towards television. Buying television was a privilege to be a guest in the houses with a luxury and television.

The broadcasts that started early in the morning were cut at 00:00 and waited on the morning of the new day. It was as important as class jumping in television. Publishing was qualified to the next class.

Increased broadcasting times led to an increase in the number of new programs and films published in front of the screen. Main newsletters, shows, series, video clips, sports competitions that began to be broadcast live…. The list goes on and goes.

The fact that the image was black and white was a detail that the audience didn't care about, but the ideas of the transition to color televisions began to emerge.

As another revolution in the technology revolution, we can show color televisions. Now, when the screen became brighter and better quality, the increasing number of channels gave the right to choose the program for the audience.

The very important organizations of the world were instantly opposite the screen. It was possible to follow the world agenda instantly. The faces familiar in front of the screen were one of the rings of the revolution for the audience. You can see and find many categories in which people are classified… But at that time, the rhetoric of celebrities for the screen was the first basis of a new classification.

Since the technology revolution worked slowly in those days, radio and television continued their reign during her average human life.

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Computer and internet revolution that came immediately after; It was like jumping from one dimension to another.

As the number of internet users increased, addiction to television fell and replaced it to new addiction. Now even the generations that grow up with technology, but also with technology, were named differently and grown differently.

There are still televisions in our house because of the fact that other individuals in my family have grown up during the television period, but for almost 10 years, television in my life has been almost small.

Radio - Television - Internet

If there is a fashion for clothing, the journey to the past is always possible. The clothing of 100 years ago can suddenly become a fashionable trend…

… But it is impossible for a fashion -like trend for mass media! Now the technology is moving rapidly and the class is skipping in the use of mass media.

We came from one period to another period and a whole -enabled to which periods we will go to in the future!

The mass media I mentioned may have left different traces in the lives of people in different regions. This article, which I discuss with radio, television and the Internet respectively, is a reflection of my thoughts consisting of the information I have acquired on my region and environment.

All the content belongs to me, thank you for reading here.