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I Origins is a fantasy drama genre that begins with the story 'If destiny exists, through what medium will it be revealed?'

This film focuses on the eye, specifically the iris.

Michael Pitt, who appears as the male lead, is a researcher focused on proving from an evolutionary point of view the 'one fact' that each iris of the human eye is unique and cannot exist in the same color and shape. However, when he meets a woman from Moryeong and goes through the series of events and moments that follow, he begins to question himself. A man who never believed in 'fate', who believed that truth only existed in evidence and data, began to struggle between love and science, factual information and emotional connection, cognition and belief, and finally arrived at an 'answer'.


Actually I'm not a believer in destiny. Whether it's love or a dream, I think it's just one of the factors that makes it difficult for a person to have real desires and a normal life by encouraging more hope and romance than necessary. Chance of chance is also considered to be inevitably caught in the end based on the individual's unrelenting efforts. However, watching this film, I was able to seriously think of other opinions that went against mine for the first time. Indeed, if there was at least one 'destiny', in what form would it manifest itself? Iris, the medium discussed in the film, is a very convincing and downright mysterious organism. I never knew the human eye could be so beautiful and cosmic.

In the second half of the film, Michael Pitt finds an Indian girl who shares the same irises as the woman he has passionately loved for a short time, and emotionally realizes that the attributes that woman has in certain spaces have been transferred to the girl. That scene was also very impressive to me.

The message that the director wants to convey is his 'belief' that there is a way to confirm the existence of past life and future life in our eyes, gradually turning into 'our belief' with emotional visual support. dreamy beauty and voices are taking shape I would recommend this film to those who don't believe in destiny, to those who believe in destiny, and to anyone who wants to feel light about love and emotions. Personally, I don't think it's a topic worthy of deep thought at least once in that aspect, as I believe that a film that leaves a lasting impression is fundamentally in line with the purpose of art.

So, what do you believe?

I am a scientist, I believe in evidence


Thanks for your review. It sounds unbelievable and fascinating.


Thank you friend, hope you enjoy reading it, best regards

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