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I was watching a performance by Hans Zimmer at the State Opera house in Prague. It called 'Time', yeah, you probably guessed it, It's form the movie Inception. I enjoy Hans Zimmer very much, and I was telling my wife this morning, that if there is a option of going to Prague this summer, and if the opera house is open, I will go. And she says YES. Why she always says yes? It has burned me a lot. But that is a different topic. I was listening to the music of Intersteller immediately after. Interstellar is a movie that absolutely fascinates me. Because, to me it is a story about love between a father and a daughter! I have two daughters, and funny enoungh there are many times, my older asked me not to go on a trip, she asked me to STAY. I wouldn't say that I stopped travelling to dangerous places like Iraq just for that, but it certainly had an influence. I am happy for it.



“We’ve always defined ourselves by the ability to overcome the impossible. And we count these moments. These moments when we dare to aim higher, to break barriers, to reach for the stars, to make the unknown known. We count these moments as our proudest achievements. But we lost all that. Or perhaps we’ve just forgotten that we are still pioneers. And we’ve barely begun. And that our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us, because our destiny lies above us.”

.... that is from the movie trailer, and what a positive thing to say even at the darkest of time depicted in the movie! It was featuring 'dust bowl' and great depressions in 'modern' times of future. It was a world where major dust storms are getting bigger by the weeks and there is crop failure to the extreme. In that dystopians United States, virtually everyone is a farmer, as that is the most valuable commodity, FOOD. People have forgotten about science and technology (other than related to farming) and kids are 'taught' in school that Lunar landing and Apollo Missions were just government propaganda! Such Lies! But so realistic even in the present world. Don't we have flat earthers and moon landing conspiracy theorist right here on hive?? Yes, we do. In modern times. Where they try and pull the 'freedom of speech' card on us and try to get away with it!

NEVER, I say. Not on my watch!

The item that interests me almost on the fringes is the unexplained gravitional anomolies seen by the 'underground' NASA (as shown in the movie) and even common citizens like Cooper (who was a NASA pilot), who asked the question how/why he found the co-ordinate of the NASA facility from his daughter Murph's bedroom, or who put the worm hole near Saturn (its fiction right?), and the answer he got was 'They'.

Problem with Explanation

In the movie, later on, it is clearly explained who 'they' was. It was simply us. Our future self, far more technologically advanced compared to us in the present or not too distant a future as shown in the movie. However, this is not the problem. The problem is us in the present. Nolan assumes that present movie going humans are average intelligence, and will understand this simple fact. However, I think Nolan over-estimates the IQ of humanity as a whole. Right now, I am seeing science is almost taking a back seat in many current world affairs, which is highly unfortunate. Lot of the conspiracy theorists are highly combative and graining momentum and thanks to the last few years, well funded. So, it is our job, to reiterate many things that you take for granted and say it again. This way we take the fight back to them and crush them. We ARE better funded than them, after all :) It is time to reiterate the facts, like Earth is round. There is a thing called space and we have been to the moon and send many probes to mars. We are driving remote controlled 'cars' on Mars right now, and soon will send humans to the red planet. This is simple science. If you don't understand it, go back to school and get off facebook :)

Human Emotions

I adore the part that explores the relationship between Murph and Cooper. Murph lost her mom, so her dad Cooper is her everything. The kid Murph tried to stop her dad from going away, simply because she understands that it is most likely an one way ticket. However, she still tries to believe her dad's promise that he will return one day, and perhaps since he will be traveling close to the speed of light, near a black hole, as per theory of relativity, his clock will go slower than hers and perhaps when he returns he will be of same age to her older future self. This is something Murph tried to hold on throughout her life and this feeling almost became a talisman inside her. I like this part a lot.

It is often the journey into the unknow we must take for the greater good at great personal sacrifice. But many of us still does it. Makes them special, don't you think. I like the Dylan Thomas's poem a lot as used in the movie. Read wonderfully here by Anthoy Hopkins:


Back then I saw a fraction of cinephiles criticized Interstellar for having such melodrama in a hard sci-fi film. I don't think they have to be mutually exclusive. I loved the relationship between copper and murphy, hell, some of the scenes were tear jerkers.

I remember writing a "detailed explanation of events and science behind Interstellar" back in 2014/2015, it was a really popular post on facebook. :D Looking back, sometimes it feels silly writing stuff like that which have no relation to cinema, then again it may have helped people a bit, introduced them topics such as nature of space-time, relativity and such. Specially to people who only read these chapters in school to pass but never realized what they are about.

By the way, if you liked Inception, you must see Paprika (2006). Nolan got the inspiration from that animated film, and also recreated some of the scenes from the anime in his film. While the implied sci-fi in Inception is well developed, from a cinematic perspective, I'd say Paprika is better.

Agree, drama doesn't have to be mutually exclusive. I enjoyed the 'melodrama' part quite a bit.

I will check out Paprika..

If you don't understand it, go back to school and get off facebook :)

Hahaha! True that! Mainstream social media is probably the culprit for a lot of the delusional thinking you're referencing in this post. 😂

If people start getting interested in conspiracy theories, then Facebook will deliver more conspiracies that match what they're interested in. It doesn't matter if they're factually accurate.

It only matters if it keeps them scrolling and logged in so they can view more ads and hopefully buy stuff from the companies that are paying to advertise on the platform. Lol.

To people that think the earth is flat I say: "Clearly, you haven't done much traveling yourself."

To people that think we've never been to space: "How do you think we can make telephone calls to the other side of the planet in seconds? We bounce the signal off satellites that we put into the atmosphere... And how do those satellites get up in the sky? Well... hmmm... Santa Clause didn't put them there..."


Thanks for the post! Good stuff!

Thank you. Often I feel, we don't say the obvious things enough, so since stage never stays empty, all the garbage get said over and over again. It is high time that we take the fight back to the MORONS.

It is high time that we take the fight back to the MORONS.

Hahaha! 'Nuff said! 😂

I like the film Interstellar but I prefer Inception, although they are different they cannot be compared, in Inception you have to be alert and concentrated in the film because otherwise you can easily miss the essence of everything.

I like them both. Watched both multiple times.

a cine after a long time dada... have skipped this one but Hans Zimmer is transcendental... I absolutely love the background scores of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.

Don't we have flat earthers and moon landing conspiracy theorist right here on hive?? Yes, we do. In modern times. Where they try and pull the 'freedom of speech' card on us and try to get away with it!

I sometimes think of asking them if they can go to the edge and bungee jump...

Well I am willing to pay money to have them "jump out of hive" :)

One of the best movies ever seen.