The Capture: Is Seeing Believing?

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This was a great series I watched recently and certainly gives pause for thought, especially those with a more 'conspiracy' mindset!


The Capture was recommended to me by my sister as she had enjoyed it and mentioned it on more than one occasion. So, around the Christmas period I took a dive into the iPlayer and thought it would be an ideal time to see what she was gibbering on about…

It's 2 series of 6 episodes and I watched the lot within a couple of weeks. The first 6 are based around a 'crime' by a soldier, the second 6 on the continuation of the main character's (a detective) work and unfolding of the plot, this time involving a government minister.

The basic premise turned out to be government (and other agencies) interference with cases using technology and changing things to suit their agenda. Known in this show as Correction.

The ability to alter, in theory, undeniable evidence as what we witness with our own eyes must be true. Mustn't it? Turns out not necessarily. Anything and everything could be manipulated to paint an alternative 'reality'.

Seeing is Deceiving

I won't delve too much into the plot as you can check that out and I don't want to give too much away. Suffice to say the situation gets stranger over the course of the 2 series and leaves you questioning what is real.

This leads us into a discussion about what is truth, and can we believe what we see. We know people lie but when we see something with our own eyes, that's sacred and is now true. Unless we're having some sort of psychotic episode, that is to be believed as the reality of what is happening.

Technology has come on leaps and bounds as we know. And if we're privy to an extent of that, you can bet your bottom dollar that there are government agencies and more that have access to more advanced technologies.

Of course, technology isn't good or evil per se, but neutral, waiting to be used. How it is then used could be for good or evil. We'd like to think it's all to advance humanity and to make things more efficient but a lot of it is mainly for advanced surveillance and increasing killing power.

On some level anyway. On a more personal level, we have things like mobile phones which gives us access to all sorts of things that kings and presidents of yesteryear could only dream of. Yes, it can consume our life and have negative consequences… but it can also get us places quicker, cheaper and have fun in the process!

Whether you want to believe it or not, there is more than likely the ability to use deep fake tech, clones, CGI and all sorts which are basically indistinguishable from 'reality'. And something you see may be different than that of another.

The question becomes then, who's doing what with these technologies? Where are they being used and why? Could we have been sold various untruths or had our perceptions shaped?

Quite likely I'd say. But then again, you wouldn't want that to consume you. You have to have an element of trust and act according to what's right.

Ultimately, what we believe is true and there is no objective reality as such.

Worth a Watch

As for The Capture, it's a gripping ride that keeps you intrigued to the end. If it's something that does happen in some capacity, then they've literally just spelled it all out… but I'm sure most would just click the controls and carry on with their lives regardless.

It also brings up the whole ethical dilemma. By 'adjusting' things a bit and catching a known dangerous criminal for example, in theory you are doing a greater good. If you know they committed the crime but the evidence isn't there to convict, then you're just giving justice a helping hand.

But where does that end? And who gets to decide? You could well find yourself in the cross-hairs and the so-called ethical dilemma becomes a lot different if you're on the receiving end of an injustice.

What do you make of it all? Have you seen it? Any nod to what is happening in the world, or pure fantasy?


I've not heard of that one. It is a fact that all sorts of things can be manipulated now, including video. The genii is out of the bottle, so it will happen. A lot of this can be automated now, so you do not even need lots of technicians who might spill the beans. Scary stuff, but don't get paranoid.


My thoughts exactly... it's out there, but don't concern yourself too much! A lot of technology is exciting and useful, but there is certainly a sinister element in ways it can be used.


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