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RE: Tips for Beginners on Hive / Ein Guide für Neulinge auf Hive

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Thank you very much for the information which means a lot to me but there is something missing from your post, this is not a matter of protesting or blaming but more of a suggestion which is about the space of your two languages, languages ​​that blend together without spaces makes me confused to find where to start words that I can read because I don't understand your language, what I know is English.So this line layout or spacing is not quite right in my opinion. Sorry in advance for my comments like this


I don´t understand what you mean. You just read on the right side (english) and ignore the other language. What is confusing for you? Which frontend are you using?

I mean word

I mean wordsI mean the words in your language and English are mixed up and some are lacking in spacing so it's a bit confusing for me to read it and look for a language layout that I can translate. Here I use cellular and use essence on chrome. Is it possible that this is a mistake from me because you said there is a layout on the right and what I see is not like that

Oh, I see. You would need to take only the English part and put it to a translator. True, not very comfortable, but I prefer it this way, as for the reading columns are better.

that's what I mean but it's okay, the longer I will get used to it