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RE: Jubelmeldung über die "Wirksamkeit" der Booster-Impfung - 96% statt 2% /Dubious press release about the Pfizer/BioNTech booster

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Statistics swindle, as always.

And no word about the side effects. Which are, of course, the main effects of these jabs.

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No idea why TipU didn't work. I'll repeat it in your next post.

BTW: I had the tickets for the Andre Rieu concert in Wienerstadthalle in November. Because of the restrictions, I demanded that they return the money. No way I'll be there before this craze is over.

Same with us, we booked "Cats" - due to 2G we can´t get in. No refund.
This is all insane. But the time will come where the truth is revealed!

I'll see for the refund. I emailed directly Rieu office. Because of this:

According to government regulations only fully vaccinated or recovered persons will be admitted. Visitors to whom this does not apply can return their tickets to where they purchased them by 5 November 2021.

I hope you can get a refund!

Thanks, good to know.