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RE: Tips for Beginners on Hive / Ein Guide für Neulinge auf Hive

in Deutsch D-A-CH4 months ago

Hive is much more than just a Web3 blogging and social media platform, e.g. the gaming & investment aspects are equally important but in this part I focus on posting & commenting - and how to gain more followers.

Good summation of what Hive is and an excellent document for newbie users, well done on pulling this together. It will be invaluable to early users if they find it.

It's not much different on Hive than in real life out there. If you have a high HP stake, you are perceived differently than someone with an almost empty wallet. As unfair as it is, one option, if you have the means, would be to gradually buy some Hive, ideally regularly which will equalize price changes (cost average effect). I've done that over the last 6 years and I've never regretted it.

Great open and honest point here and I must say that I find it to be true myself too, people definitely have a look at your HP before interacting if they don't already know you. Solid advise on the dollar cost averaging too and even if someone wanted to pump in $1K to $5K now would probably be still a good time, as I consider $0.36 Hive to represent very good value.