Japan Leading The Way On Breakfast

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Nothing says Japan more than a bacon fryer or egg mcmuffin maker right? In reality an onigiri, some salmon, rice and miso soup are staples of breakfast here.

On one of the morning shows just now interesting food cookers were the topic. The first one was the bacon cooker. For about $100 you can get this cooking device that cooks bacon.... and that's about it.


IMG_1406 (1).jpg

Now I love bacon, probably more than most. There is no dish I could not add bacon to and not love it even more, except nato. Even my love for bacon couldn't get me to buy this device though. As my wife mentioned, it would be more of a pain in the butt to clean it rather than just cook bacon the traditional way in a skillet. It seems the comedian guests thought the same.


Never fear, you can now get an egg mcmuffin maker that is much more useful right?????




Maybe if you combined the bacon maker with the egg mcmuffin make I'd buy one, but it would definitely need to be self cleaning because my wife said she wouldn't clean either! I guess I will just have to envy the Japanese as I cook my bacon, eggs & English muffins the old fashioned way, that way I can make my wife do the dishes too!