Gatok meatballs are only available in Aceh

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"Meatball Gatok" is a food menu that is very popular with the people in Aceh. Actually the food "meatballs" is not authentic Indonesian food. As far as I know, meatballs are foods that come from the "China" bamboo curtain country. The delicious sauce makes the food a prima donna in Indonesia in general and Aceh in particular. Here are very many outlets or special stalls for meatballs. It's just that the meatballs that I ordered are different from the meatballs sold in various stalls that provide meatballs. The name is Bakso Gatok, the meatball looks different because there are Cow Bones or in Acehnese it is called "Gatok". The fat in the "gatok" is very delicious, especially if there is marrow in the bone. To enjoy the marrow, the seller provides a straw. We put the gravy little by little into the bone, then the straw is slowly shifted so that the marrow mixes with the gravy. Without lingering we suck slowly. It's really delicious!! Before enjoying the marrow contained in the bones, I first ate meatballs, chicken and the fats in the bowl. To get a good taste, of course we add a little chili sauce, sweet and salty soy sauce, finely ground cayenne pepper to get a spicy taste according to taste.

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It is called 'bakso sumsum' in Java (I've never eaten marrow meatballs though)😀.

I think Gatok meatballs are only available in Aceh, Ms. means I have to travel outside the area to know more about various kinds of culinary hehehehe

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