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Was watching a little history last night, something directly tied into what you experimenting with here They SILENCED Nikola Tesla over THIS! I found it particularly interesting.

Look forward to seeing your results!

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Crazy my friend all the things that work they silence and suppress. Sad how the world would be so perfect if it wasn't for those evil ones pushing a sinister agenda. Are you well??

Everything good is turned a blind eye to, batteries and solar/wind power are never going to work, only make fat cats richer!

As for Durban's Upper South Coast, it's dirty, dismal and hot to say the least. One day at a time as always, look forward to hearing how this experiment rolls out, could be something good for farming.

Haha for sure and this they wont suppress. ;)

Good morning. This post is about gardening, I think it is not appropriate for this community that is gastronomic. For this reason, I proceed to silence it. Greetings.

Would you mind unmuting my comment below? Or was my comment the only one worth muting here for some reason? Or was it an accidental comment mute?

I realize the article should not have been posted in this community. I still follow and interact with this author because I enjoy their works and wisdom.

I guess I've been silenced like Nikola Tesla?? Haha that wont stop me. As for your other comment it's early day's still so dont see any copper oxidation as yet but Ill be sure to keep you posted thanks for popping in brother blessings. ;)

Uhm ok.. thanks I guess.

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