Eggs and Dairy

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Eggs and Dairy can be healthy and ethical if sourced correctly, but there are some dangers to be aware of, and ultimately our bodies can be trained to live without animal products entirely.


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I agree with what you said, thus I'll put it a little differently :

  • Food industry = poisoning
  • Only eat what you've grown (or really reliable source, where you can see what's done)
  • Anyway the whole nature is polluted, so it's a matter of avoiding the worst.
  • Genetics, climate, activity, age and general health will make vary your needs.
  • You need to learn to listen to you body. (and don't fall for the poison food false feeling)

As for the chickens,

I live with some.
I've build them a chicken house, but they mostly sleep in trees.
They run free of my land, but sometime get eaten by the fox.
I eat some of their eggs, and the other they grew into nice new chickens.
And once per 3 month I eat one thankfully.

The taste, smell, color and energy you get from these egg have nothing to do with eggs from the industry. (It shouldn't have the same name)

As for Ghee:

Did you know that it is quiet easy to make if you can have some good quality butter.
This video explain it well (auto translate with English subtitle is enough to understand):

It is true traditionally it's made with sacred chants, but given it's a long processes if you stay nearby with good mindset and (if you feel like it) some chants or flute play, it'll do the job !

werd! 🤲