Bitter and healthy vegetable species

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The bitter taste of some vegetable species is one of the main reasons why people avoid diets rich in vegetable species, for example, broccoli and cabbage represent a very difficult challenge for people who do not like the bitter tast.

▶ Credits: pixabay – [Image of Public Domain]

▶ Credits: pixabay – [Image of Public Domain]

▶ Now something that is little said is that bitter-tasting spices provide important benefits in our daily diet, as they act positively in people with cardiovascular problems.

Although bitter-tasting vegetable species occupy a relatively small proportion of our diet, it is no less true that people who are used to eating bitter-tasting species enjoy better health.

For some nutritionists, our rejection of bitter-tasting vegetables is a matter of genetic predisposition, which is why it is recommended to prepare these vegetables using cooking techniques that add fat, salt, sweetness or strong flavors such as garlic.

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▶ The following vegetable species that I will mention are of the bitter category, and are known for producing a healthy effect in our organism, among these we have celery, broccoli, cabbage, turmeric, ginger, and pepper.

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