The Monster of Dis con nec ted Ness

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Hypersensitivosaurus woke up feeling dis con nec ted.

He slowly looked around his cave
and then
to his body,

and discovered that all four limbs ( or was it five? he never knew whether to include his tail or not ) were still there. It wasn't like they were lying all over the place. No, they were still attached to his torso and more importantly, they seemed to be in the right place, where he last remembered them to be.

Okay, his shrawny raptor arms were still a joke ( even more since he'd cut his nails ) but they were part of him and he loved them anyway. His muscled legs, with lengthy, razorsharp toenails were in place, supporting his body.

He might be a peaceful raptor - hence the nail cutting - but he still needed tools for digging and for maintaining his little tea garden and possible future food forest .

Something was off though today...

He felt extremely low on energy, even though he clearly remembered loads of electricity in the air, the night before.

What was it then?

His hyperactive senses picked up a strong odor. It smelled like isolation and then his attention ( his 7th sense ) was drawn to the chess board in the corner of his cave...

It showed a game that hadn't been touched in a long, long time.

In fact, Hypersensitivosaurus had left it the way it was, at the moment when his good friend M.M. Wolf had had to end his Sunday visit ( seemingly to relieve himself of the dozen or so oatmeal pancakes that this 'wolverine' had devoured just before their chess game started ).

Afterward, his furry friend hadn't returned. From that day onward, most animals had started a lengthy and unnatural hibernation that lasted for over a year now.

The chess game had been untouched, since that memorable moment. Every time Hypersensitivosaurus looked at it, which happened daily, mixed feelings got to him. He just couldn't put the board and pieces away. Just the thought of it, ending something that he hadn't made peace with, was too much for him. And still, he was reminded of the past day after hypersensitive day.

And then, as if to proof that miracles still existed, one of the pieces moved across the board as if guided by an invisible hand or force.

It seemed like M.M. Wolf had found a way to continue their game long distance.

Hypersensitivosaurus slowly left the cave, took a deep breath and started crying silently. Afterwards he felt a lot better and spent a good amount of time enjoying all of natures little gifts.

Life was as beautiful as it had ever been.

FYI: Tech issues have been surrounding me in the last couple of weeks. This morning my phone wouldn´t charge any longer. Luckily I´m borrowing my twin sister´s laptop since yesterday. I realized though that I could hardly use any of the apps that I work with on an almost daily basis (not even my email) and the laptop is old which makes it tough or even impossible to run certain (crypto) apps. I guess many of us, especially those in first world countries, would feel very disconnected in a situation like this. Especially, if you add the fact that I don´t have a car and the nearest town is 10 to 15kms away. I managed to send an email ( from this laptop via my twin sister´s account) to my family, to notify them of my situation. Funny enough, it didn't reach my twin sister. She got worried and showed up here, about an hour ago. That act of love interrupted the writing of this post. Long story short, I'm okay. I can handle some disconnectedness but situations like these are often tougher for those around us or close to us, especially if they're used to you being connected most of the time.


Dropping in to see you because she hasn't heard from you for a while seems like a very family thing to do XD

I have done the same to my aunty, but rather than hardware failure as such it's a tech ineptitude failure, she stores her phone in a drawer or sometimes forgets it and leaves it in the car for days on end and there was one occasion where she left the phone in the car and it went flat and then she always happened to be outside or in the shower when we were trying to call the house phone so I went over to check on her and all was well, aside from technological shenanigans XD

Waking up literally disconnected like the opening picture might have been somewhat...disconcerting XD

Hope you can get all the technological shenanigans resolved in not long :)

It´s a family thing for sure but I also feel she didn´t sense my twin power over the airwaves this time ,>)
Thanks for sharing your auntie story. I am not a crazy auntie or uncle yet but it sure was a fun read haha

I hope to be up and running again soon, although - in a way - I am enjoying the extra amount of digital detox.

It's so sweet your sister was worried. It IS strange to be disconnected, although I'm longing for it right now!

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My sister is the best! but I think you figured that out by now ,>)
I get that sense of longing for disconnection. In all honesty, I have lived through enough of it in the last couple of years but that - combined with my leveled up ness ( could that be another Scottish monster? ) -also means I can handle situations like these pretty well.

Seems like you are doing ok considering the circumstances. I hope this unplanned 'disconnectedness' can bring something valuable. It seems so.

Big hug 🤗

I am doing well. These days, I trust the universe to bring me what I need. I can only focus on taking away the resistance and have to let go of how things happen. Life is full of surprises and little miracles. A couple of hours ago, a positive thing happened, involving my future house. More on that in another soon to be released write up.

Big hug right back at ya!

I knew something must have happened to your gidget widgets.


I knew something must have happened to your gidget widgets.


I thought the hibernation metaphor was pretty obvious. Hibernation = lockdowns and people literally locking themselves up out of fear. More on that in yesterday´s post that followed this one.

I hope we can con-nect in more ways soon!

lol I told you, I am almost oblivious to this whole thing hahah, even when i was staying home, it was a game to me. The only thing I've been dealing with is worried people who are focused on it. I guess I'm in my own world ;-P

I'm really glad that you're doing fine, my friend. These times are challenging, but attitude makes real, and you reality seems to be flowing toward wonderful places!


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