Farming Paradox - Fields & Sapling

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Looking at the Green paddy sapling growing in foot long water make a farmer happy. What more they could expect? Having sowing the seeds then ploughing the fields and then waiting for some good rainfall to sow the sapling to get a good produce. It looks to be a easier task for many, but honestly speaking, the situation at ground zero is completelly different. Even though a Green swing is a happier sight. But does that is enough??


If you ask a farmer, the actual taking care of the sapling starts from now onward. It is not only that sowing sapling is the final steps in farming before harvesting, infact there are more efforts now on to take care of the fields and sapling. Foremost is to have a proper boundary of fields.


This is to ensure, that adequate water remain in the fields. The farmer ensure that no holes remains at the sideways. They keep a strict vigil, and carry their spades to put the mud on the boundary to shut down any open holes. Holes may appear because of many reason. And farmers must ensure to close them tonprevent the water leakage from the fields. We need to have a enough water to sustain the crop to grow.

Any too much of something is always harmful. So excess water in fielfs too is dangerous for paddy.


To prevent the crop damages due to excessive water, farmer must ensure to get rid of excess water. Once the saplings are sowed, they ensure that there are enough water to keep them sustaining and to flush out excess water, they make a barrow passage at one corner of the fields, so that it passes to another fields. We' is not that the other field owner is not worried of their crop, they make their own passage to next fields and so one. It is kind of of water flow from.onw fields to another in a channeliezed manner.

This is how farmer usually get rid of excess water. But this is the same farmer who also use to cry when we don't get enough rain in middle of the farming season as the hard effort put on farming gets wasted due to water scarcity. So once they flush out excess water and on the second count they pray to have sufficient water supply through rain. That's why it is ot wrong to say, life of farmer is not easy. They keep their mind body and soul in the farming lands only to ensure to have good yield which make their life and others life happy.


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