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Hello hivers, I want to share some useful materials that can be gotten from oil palm tree .
Before I go into that, what is oil palm tree?
Oil palm tree(Elaeis guineensis) is the tree that palm oil is gotten from used for cooking. The common material gotten from oil palm tree is palm oil as most people don't know that we have other useful things found in oil palm tree.

How is Palm oil produced? This is a question that many people don't have answer to and those that do might have not been able to see it done in their presence.
Firstly, the ripe palm kernel bunch which is usually identified by its red colour is removed from the oil palm tree through axe. All the ripe palm kernel is then packed in a place in bunches.

The bunch of palm kernel is chopped to smaller particles with axe which is then abandoned for about two to three days. This is so because, it will aid easy separation of palm kernel and its shaft. Sometimes, the leaves of the oil palm tree is used to cover the chopped palm kernel.

By the third day, the palm kernel is then removed from its shaft which is now loose and easy to remove. Some part of the palm kernel would have fell of its shaft before the third day.

The palm kernel is now poured in a container containing water which is then boiled till its cooked. Note that the quantity of the palm kernel will determine the time taken for it to get cooked.
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The cooked palm kernel is then grinded by palm kernel grinding machine
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After grinding, the grinded portion together with the seed is then poured into a larger volume of water. This is done so as to separate the raw palm oil from the seed and shaft. Each of the constituents is put into a different container.
Another useful material which can be gotten from oil palm tree is palm kernel seed by smashing the palm kernel. It can also be extracted using machine.

The shaft can also be used to fasten the local way of cooking.

Back to palm oil processing. The raw palm oil is poured in a clean pot. Water should also be added to the raw palm oil and well heated by fire. After a while of cooking, any form of fire/heat generated should be subdued. When the palm oil is no more hot, the refined palm oil should be gently poured in a keg.
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Uses of Palm Oil

  • It is used majorly for cooking.
  • It is rich in vitamin.
  • It is used as antidote for poison in some part of the world. For example, Nigeria.

Other products in Oil Palm Tree

Other use products we can find in Oil Palm Tree include:

Broom which is used for sweeping.
Palm wine: This is a drink usually taken by elders when having a group discussion usually in the evening.


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Most people have no idea how much hard work goes into producing many varieties of cooking oils, and I think we take it for granted. It's a shame palm oil gets a bad reputation because of all the clearcutting that megafarms run by huge corporations do. Thanks for sharing!

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Palm oil processing is not for lazy people. It takes a lot of work. Thanks to oil palm research institutes like NIFOR(National Institute For Oil Palm Research) who take the responsibility of producing health oil palm tree plantations which are readily available for harvest.

Thank you for opening my eyes to a more sustainable way of farming Palm Oil. It has such a bad reputation due to the way in which it is farmed in some parts of the world. It is really good to see an alternative and more natural perspective about it. I like that you include some of the health benefits of palm oil too. Thank you for your post.

The process seems to be time consuming and requires skills also.
Thanks fot sharing the process ..
Infirmative post..

Thanks for reading through the post.