Price of peanut butter increases x5. Are you prepared for what is coming?

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I know many of you think I am over-reacting by dedicating my entire year to growing and storing food, but this single pot of peanut butter demonstrates perfectly how the price of an item can suddenly explode, to the point where only the rich can afford it. Peanut butter is admittedly different from other types of food because it is considered a high nutrition, luxury item and it also stores well. Here in the south of France we are not seeing too much difference in the price of fruit & vegetables, likely because this is an agricultural region and everything is grown locally. Anything which is not produced in France however is increasing in price noticeably.

We are being told in many countries that the price hikes & shortages are OUR FAULT! That's right. They say too many people are stocking up with food. Naughty people wanting the best for their families.

In truth it is likely your government buying up these items and stockpiling them so that they can sell them back to you at ridiculous prices this winter.

Screen Shot 20200816 at 07.47.56.png

The Earth is in an ice age

I have been following agricultural news for the last few years because even before the virus drama, the world's food supply system was breaking down. This is mostly due to the naturally occurring climate change. Which by the way, we are also being told is OUR FAULT.

For those of you who still believe this I am pleased to inform you that global warming (conveniently now known as climate change) is a lie designed to generate money and distract you from the truth that we are actually in the inter-glacial period of an ice age and it is fast coming to an end, leading us back to the much more common climate on Earth... the glacial period.


It is widely acknowledged that we are 1000 years over-due for the next glacial period but thanks to the global warming lie most people think the ice age has been delayed sufficiently that we don't need to worry about it any more.

Here is the common line being pushed on people:

Due to human induced climate change the next glaciation is being delayed anywhere from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of years (source)

Or, if you look to wikipedia as your source of 'truth':

The amount of heat-trapping gases emitted into Earth's oceans and atmosphere is predicted to prevent the next glacial period

To me this sounds completely absurd. And frankly quite arrogant.

Humans cannot stop ice ages. No matter what they do!

The net result of our descent back into a glacial period is extreme weather and the breakdown of agriculture. This will lead to the death of many humans because no one is prepared for what is coming. Except of course the major food companies who are busy building indoor agriculture facilities full of GMO food grown by robots.


Other companies are finding ways to make food in labs. Like Impossible Foods who have mastered fake meats or even KFC who recently announced they will soon be 3D printing their chicken nuggets.

Don't believe me? Just google it.

Screen Shot 20200816 at 07.37.49.png

You are also likely not aware that laws around the world are being changed, in preparation for this new era of fake food.

Screen Shot 20200816 at 07.55.25.png

What this means is that food companies no longer need to inform you that their 'chicken' is not chicken. Or whatever their product happens to be. As long as the nutritional value remains the same.

Just so there is no confusion here, eating this kind of food will ultimately make you sick and generate a whole bunch of money for the medical industry, which is exactly what they want. I call it a slow burning monetised cull.

There is a consolidation of power going on right now, after which only the big companies will survive and they are now doing everything they can to take over the food supply. Frankly I'm surprised it took them this long to get around to it, given that it is the ultimate way to control people.

download 4.jpeg

In Conclusion

Be in no doubt my friends, the world is changing fast. From my perspective, all roads lead to the ice age and everything which is happening now (including the virus drama) relates to this.

There are those who are hurriedly preparing (like myself & the major food companies) and there are those who are sticking their heads in the sand, telling each other it will all be over soon.

It will all be over in about 100,000 years when we move back into the next inter-glacial period!

And until then humanity is going to be tested in ways you cannot possibly imagine.

If you wish to gain a greater understanding of this subject I strongly recommend dedicating a few weeks of your life to research, avoiding facts & figures provided by government funded entities.

In case you hadn't noticed, governments can't be trusted.

You know what to do 🌱


My first article on the ice age subject can be found here:


Forget peanut butter, it's probably one of the worst sources of protein and energy, it's also highly acidic.

Human body doesn't need that crap, human body needs foods like hemp seed protein or other high quality protein sources directly from the sun.

You need the food that was found in our natural environment before food changed, you also need to the sun, try to get your minutes in at least 15-30mins per day depending on your region and you also need the best sources of water availible.


Don't forget to exercise.

Thank you for your guidance my friend :)

We don't eat peanut butter and do eat a huge quantity of fruit & veg, mostly grown on our land. I am a sungazer, so not only do I spend time in the sun every day but I spend time FULLY appreciating it. If I'm gonna be honest it's pretty hard to avoid the sun as a homesteader during the summer months in the south of france!

As for exercise. Two young kids and a sizeable piece of land to look after feels like exercise enough. There has been a lot of plum, hazelnut & blackberry foraging recently and I can feel my whole body aching from all that stretching. It is amazing how far we can stretch when we push ourselves. Almost like our bodies are designed for this purpose ;)

I also spin a fire staff after sungazing in the mornings though I've never really thought of this as exercise. More like fun!

We have an amazing water source from the mountain which seems to flow all year now, but it is polluted by the farmers. Currently drinking bottled water but we have filters on standby should we ever need to switch to the natural source. Thanks for the reminder though. I also want to buy a distiller! Wonder if I can find one which works with fire, not electricity?

There was something thing you didn't mention, so perhaps I can offer it to you?

I don't wear shoes. It has been almost 6 years now. And when my body is in need of repair I will sleep on an earthing sheet, which connects me to the earth. Humans have separated themselves from their Great Mother who heals & guides if we let her.

If you haven't already, look into it.

Be careful distilled water is dangerous, pure H2O is unstable and will rob vital minerals from your system.

Best to drink from the mountains if they are not polluted.

I lived on Koh Phangan for some time... We are the earth, we consist of the same minerals, elements and energy. :)

Its crap but sometimes its peanut butter jelly time

I know but if we used better nuts for butter it could be highly beneficial.

Taste is easy to reproduce. 🤠

haha! Yes, I used to love that mix ;)

Great summary of the 100,000 ft view that so many are unaware of.

The bottom line is that decentralising, becoming more self sufficient and regaining our sovereignty are important steps to take even if the coming ice age holds off for many more decades.

Absolutely. The less reliant we are on government, the more we can flourish as nature intended :)

If this approaching cold snap resembles the last cold snap on Earth (around 1650) you won't notice it much in Mexico. There was erratic weather but it was still possible to grow crops. Only the northern & southern hemispheres began glaciating. Those close to the equator have a different set of challenges to contend with. Mostly volcanic & seismic in nature. It is a fascinating subject which has been incredibly well hidden from us. And if you look, you will see that countries on the equator have been given a bad rep to scare us away from them. Coincidence? Not likely!

From my perspective the ice age has already begun. Our climate is controlled by the activity of the sun. And right now the sun is less active than it has been in hundreds of years. Activity is measured in sunspots. And what we are seeing now is exactly what we saw before the 'mini ice age' in the 1600s, when sunspot measurements began.

I enjoy following the films of @dollarvigilante who actually has me thinking about moving to Mexico now! He is a great advert for the country. Though I don't care much for his little dog ;)

Thanks for your posts on this subject. It was due to your posts that I looked a little closer into the climate change agenda and also sunspot cycles, etc.

Well, if you come to Mexico, you'll be most welcome here at the ranch.

Thank you my friend. I do like the sound of that :)

Absolutely memorable!

In case you hadn't noticed, governments can't be trusted

Thanks, mate!
Groped to make my partner understand it would seem a titanic undertaking: better to act on my own?

!BEER & !tip

haha! Did you just make that meme? Excellent :)

I don't share everything with Sabrina. Some of it is just too darn depressing! I just get on with what needs to be done, expressing to her that it is very important to me.

Am quite certain the majority of this village think I am completely mad, running around all day without my shoes on, collecting food from every bush & tree ;) I don't mind at all what they think. As long as they let me get on with what needs to be done!

Thanks for the tip :)

Even I, when I run barefoot, do not go unnoticed: children especially notice it, because the older ones are mostly distracted by their thoughts and / or their cell phones!

Thank you for revealing a fragment of your relationship with Sabrina: more or less it is the same for me with Cristina.

Oh I pretty much believe what you say brother. A good friend and excellent researcher told me about the global warming scam and that we are currently moving into a mini ice age so I should prepare to grow food for the next cooler climate zone to the one I am in. Anyway, I'm growing food and building a second greenhouse at the mo.

And I just bought five x 700 gram jars of peanut butter for 6 Leva (3 euro) each and 7 X 1 kg tahini for 8 leva each. Perhaps I'll buy a bunch more. IMG_20200816_220930_9.jpg

Come visit if you want to stock up. You and Esteban are welcome.

There is no subject I have researched more than this one and you are lucky to have a friend who has also found the truth. It isn't easy to get to!

What I would say however is that it is impossible for anyone to know if we are moving into a mini ice-age (100 years or so) or a full blown 100,000 year cycle. It matters not in the end. I am preparing my children for a colder climate and by the time they have their own children they will be ready to pass on the knowledge.

There is also the possibility we will just move further south where the climate still permits agriculture! But let's see... I quite enjoy the idea of surviving in an 'unsurvivable' area. All things will be possible once we have built our south facing Earthship ;)

We are looking now at poly tunnels for the winter. For the size we are after I think this will be more affordable than a greenhouse. Much to be done around here currently!

All the best to you my friend. Great to know you are well ahead of the game.

I still can buy peanut butt for cheap , depends where you are i guess .
But yes , i saw the price jumping for Almond cream and cannot afford a 30€ jar ☹️
Now that really crazy !

Thanks! We won't say no to a bag of cheap peanuts :)

What I am most interested in is growing them. Especially if the price continues to increase! I fancy myself as a peanut dealer. haha

Once we have that poly tunnel up I believe there is no plant we cannot grow.

Wow that's a massive increase in peanut butter cost😱

Nuts hey ;)

BTW, peanut butter is so easy to make at home and it's damn cheaper than those packaged jars in stores.

Thanks. I figured it was simple enough. Even better, next year we will grow them ;)

Funny you mentioned applesauce and peanut butter - just planted three apple trees and two almonds. And I still need to plant more. Not til next year though - can't afford it. Love your posts Sam, constantly reminding people how important this.

It's like an intense feeling which bubbles up to the surface every few months and the only way to deal with it is to write one of these posts! As long as I can tell myself I did everything I could to help people (while sufficiently helping my family) I will not have a reason to feel bad in the future.

Excellent work planting these wonderful trees! And thanks for the reminder. I must do the same before the winter with all these plum varieties I have collected here... x

Wow, and just wow.. that's really shocking almost 19 euro for peanut butter, my god. Is it gold flaked peanut butter or what?

I haven't been stocking up stuff since the beginning of the lockdowns, as things were available so there was no need to. Defo gonna check on the peanut butter to see how that price went up (or not). I rarely eat it myself, just an occasional peanut sauce with noodles :)

But I get the message, will keep my eyes out, and probably even support the local farmers more as they may face even more difficult times to survive when a second wave arrives :( I've seen so many businesses close, this was probably just the first batch, the big guys will take over and so comes more power :(

Just standard peanut butter. As i said, nothing unexpected happening here.

Unfortunately for those farmers they are up against the might of the Elite who have a very different idea to them about how food will look in the future.

They don't even hide what they intend to do.

Which is why growing our own food is more important now than ever before.

I couldn't agree with you more, and honestly, I'm so so so looking forward to next year, as we plan on living here a year, and then buy a piece of property to start growing our own food as well.

At the moment, we have a huge terrace (since a few weeks as we moved) and I was wondering if I can start growing some things already even though we don't have a garden yet. Something that will still help us grow our own stuff even though it's already August. If you have any tips, please share them :)

Starting to see this here and empty shelves which aren't down to panic buying and hoarding. They've just done a hard closure of the border between us and Victoria and many of the food processing plants are in Victoria, so I'm guessing there's more to come.

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I trust all is well with you despite circumstances.

Not to bad, considering. Things are looming, though, with threats of a mandated, home grown Rona vax.

governments can't be trusted.

NEVER! i probably cant name even ONE, that could have been trusted... no, really!.

Humans are corruptible so the idea that a small group can look after many will never work. Government is just another form of control. And the funniest part of all is that most people don't know this.

one can become wiser, with years and experience... sometimes it happens, sometimes its not.

and the saddest thing that governments own the 'Motherland' brand/TM, they are like monopolists, to sell the right of using it to you.. :/

stay blessed!

...and then they take your tax money to develop products which they sell back to you at a premium ;)

You too... stay blessed.

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