Now that the death rate has plummeted it's all about the case rate

Screen Shot 20200819 at 10.16.05.png

This chart was updated by the European Centre for Disease Control on 31st July and shows clearly how the death rate has bottomed out across Europe. To maintain the drama and sense of urgency the attention has been re-focused on the case rates which are still going up (due to inaccuracy), while there has been no mention of the inconvenient fact that very few people are dying of this by the mainstream media.

Why are we not seeing this chart all over the news???

And how is it that if more and more people are testing positive, fewer people are dying?

I live in France so let's take a look at what's happening here.

Screen Shot 20200819 at 10.18.08.png

As you can see there has been a gradual rise in new cases over the last 3 months, while the death rate is almost non existent now.

Not much point in implementing all these new rules because of a virus which isn't killing people. There are more people dying of pretty much every other thing people can die from!

Thanks to all the chaos created by the virus drama, more people than ever are dying of starvation, but where's the outcry for these 7M people?
Screen Shot 20200820 at 07.28.26.png

And by the way, you don't know if you have the virus till you get the test, because for many there are no symptoms! Sounds deadly right?

Far less deadly than the upcoming vaccine which has been permitted to skip the usual safety trails.

For anyone who still thinks this is about a virus, might I suggest the red pill?

Screen Shot 20200820 at 07.02.33.png

There is a total disconnect between reality and what your media tell you.

This is because the world is controlled by a centralised power and they would like to tighten up on the rules here while culling the population down to a more manageable number.

Preparation is essential now. The upcoming lack of food (combined with lockdowns) is the main way in which they intend to kill you.

Anyway, happy days right!

You know what to do.

Screen Shot 20190715 at 19.18.01.jpg

Thanks to @dollarvigilante and his report here from which the two charts are taken.


It's driving me insane. The state I live in, Victoria, is on lockdown, and we aren't allowed out of the state or leave the country, if we wanted to. The economy is going to be fucked, heaps of people will be out of jobs, and we lie down and take it. We've had more deaths (apparently) here than in any other state in Australia (363 to 450 or something) and that's still less than all the other things people have died of in the last few months. All deaths are related to deaths in aged cared facilities of late - poor management obviously. Old people DID die before of all sorts of things, but that's been forgotten about. I swear it's all because it gives the news outlets something to talk about. Anyway, we've had the chance to work more on our property which is great, but I'm still pissed off I'm not allowed to move around and drive round Australia like we were going to this year.

I found the narration of this video very interesting, so much so that I shared an excerpt on "my" YouTube channel.
Have we been undergoing mass mental manipulation for decades? Or hundreds of years?

When you've looked at it, would you please tell me if you like it too and what impressed you the most?
Thank you, @riverflows! 🙏

With all due respect @forensic911, why are you always going on about 9/11?

I know it is important but I think that most people here under my posts already understand the facts. And they now have more immediate problems like the upcoming lockdowns & food shortages we should all be preparing for.

Dear Sam, I got your point and admire you. However, how are you sure everyone is aware of the facts of the WCT crime scene of September 11, 2001?

If you watched the video, what struck you most?

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There are lawful ways to retain freedom in this situation: there's a strong movement of Victoria and Oz folks in the Solutions Empowerment network - highly recommended:

Thank you for sharing this 🙏🏻

This is what essentially happens when the freemarket gets out of control, the baboons take over. In our case this happened centuries ago and it's the descendants of those baboons who have taken over now.

Also humanity has overproduced, we could enter something I call a "free society".

We could rid of slave language like jobs, work, government, tax and so on to be replaced with better words like contributions and leadership.

A lot of unseen options/opportunities out there, but we have been trained to compete in a baboon manner by baboons and we are ruled by shortsighted lying baboons. Level 5 baboons or the elite monkeys I like to call them.

It also comes down to general stupidity too.

Our medical world is the virus.

Thanks for responding to everyone here. You are a very motivated promoter of truth!

Too bad George did not build a update function in the US constitution by the way,

His constitutions has become symbolic, destroyed over the centuries by illegal law and the elite baboons.

Hence why America is stuck somewhere between the 17th century and star trek.


Thanks,I try my best, you too! 🤠

Thank goodness we are connected to one of the most awesome communities on Earth!

We will find a way to thrive no matter what xxx

Sitting under a tree like that is absolutely the best preparation for ANYthing I can possible think of!! Nailed it. The manipulation of statistics is a never ending mind fuck. #FUD rules "out there" - up to use to change what we tune in to.

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AGREED 100%. It's always about irrelevant facts, because they know the masses just can't understand. On the other hand, times are changing and the elite baboons are losing their power, the people are waking up quickly, but will it be in time with these mad plans on the table?

Yep. Nothing like 30mins of silence to reconnect us with the solutions :)

Yeah we are being played and yet so many are still blind, keep spreading the truth my friend xxxx

It's all we can do at this stage. Keep preparing and keep spreading the message. Along with some solutions!

Don't know if you caught it but London Real put out a collaborative documentary the other day which is the best one I've seen yet at explaining the whole story. Though it is totally lacking on solutions! Regardless, it may help people wake up. So, I will send it to many people.

Am thinking more seriously now about starting a freedom cell here. Seems like the way to go... x

I think it's clear by now that the larges media companies are FAKE.

That was clear to me in 2003, time to reconsider what a good source is by the facts.

One of the worst factors of this, people are drugged up, whether it's on alcohol'", prescription "drugs", toxic food... so we need the the green pill and detox those brains.

We already took the blue and the red pill, wasn't good, didn't work and double blind.

Our World and Medical World needs fixing.

@newworldfreedom 🤠

If you consider the real events and what the mainstream media have told us (and continue to tell us) about 9/11, is it clear that the false information industry existed well before 2003? 🤔

That's about the year I woke up, we know there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq before the illegal invasion, man slaughter and theft of national resources.

Weapons of mass destruction on every news-channel, remember that one?

They also messed up my future plans as I didn't join the military like most of my ancestors. I'm not going to fight for rich kids with Nazi-like tactics.


Just when things seem to be improving, they poison the waters again.

The elite baboons are not improving, their mad plans continue, I've followed this live for 17 years +-... they don't stop their baboon ways.

I met a Isreali guy on my travels, he told me "It's a mechanism"

I believe he was correct, these baboons are baboons and it's just the mechanism.

Action from the people is needed, leadership change is main priority.

I vote for an advanced electronic democracy where we, the people under an advanced system commonly vote on issues, like a direct democracy in a app format.

If properly implemented correctly with the right framework, such a system could last for aeons and will be the most powerful form of human leadership due to accurate and non bias decisions. 🤠

They are pushing the cases thing very very hard here in Australia now to.

US, UK, AU and the EU have the most influence by the elite baboons, most government control.

The democracy is no more as the people don't rule themselves.

It's become a rich man show. This is why the only thing I'd ever vote for is an "advanced electronic democracy".

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