Let the dehydrating begin! This growing season won't go to waste...

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Fruit season is in full swing here in the south of France and it is the most spectacular time of year, not just because of the delightful specs of intense colour everywhere and the sweet, soft flavours of the the fruit, but also because it grows in such abundance on the side of every little road and pathway.

Here is a shot of a pregnant Sabrina making a baby mobile for an unborn Esteban, not far from where we live, back in 2015. All those white flowers are apples.


One does not even need to steal from the farmers to find what they are looking for. Though to be honest, I do a little of that too, at first light (5.15am) wearing black clothes with a big swag bag & some stealthy ninja moves ;)


Eating fruit all year round

It is possible to buy fruit all year round but it has usually been shipped half way across the world, so the best way is to pick locally and store it for the winter.

With this in mind I have been learning about the many ways to preserve and recently uploaded three books in the @survival-archive account where you will find a whole bunch of great info, available for you to download and read offline. Link here


The simplest and oldest technique is just to dry it slowly. Direct sun should be avoided and ovens or fires are too hot, so a special machine dedicated to low heat (35ºC) and well distributed air circulation is the modern answer.

Screen Shot 20200624 at 05.51.54.png

Ours arrived yesterday and as the box suggests, it was an inspiring moment!


Managed to lodge it into the corner of our kitchen without too much disruption.


Reading through the instruction manual (which thankfully had an english section!) I am interested now to try vegetables too, which had not previously been on my radar.



Excited to get started I harvested a bunch of potatoes from one of the two potato tubs in our courtyard.

(Does anyone know, should I keep the smaller ones to become next season's seed potatoes?)

Later today we will pick some courgettes & beans from the garden and together with the potatoes, they will become chips in the dehydrator!

I bought a bunch of "Le Parfait" jars because people tell me they are the best for this kind of thing.


So once these are filled up with crunchy vegetables, it's back to the fields with those ninja moves & swag bag.


Sorry farmers. If you ever catch me I promise to offer you Bitcoin in exchange ;)

Can't wait to try our bananas!


Love & Light everyone :)

Recent film showing our allotment here:


My favourite fruits to dehydrate are mangoes when they are in season here and we can get a cheap box.

Currently my dehydrator drying young garlic shoots.. Hard to explain but Ill tag you when I write a post about it xx

Please do. I would love to see. I am drying the young garlic shoots just by hanging them up in the kitchen! Feels all Frenchy ;)

If only we could grow mangoes!!!!

So good to see you EXPLODING on the organic food front!! Love it. Well done you!! 😍

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It's like a bug. And i've been bitten hard ;)

Hey, I would still love to get my hands on some moringa seeds..

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Cool! Thank you :)

140 euro's?
fucking hell.lol

You can make one (if you have a slight breeze and moderate temps/sun), for just a few dollars...($20- ish - or free in my case, with a bit of 'ingenuity' lol)

A bit like the bread maker (sitting next to the dehydrator) I realise now I don't need it, but buying it has opened the door to understanding the basic mechanics and recreating it in the future with my (yet to be bought) workman tools! In the end it's just convenience. Time is always limited...

But if you're offering to make me one for $20, I'll cover the P&P ;)

...and as for the breadmaker ...I'm lost for words....lol
( I make my own every other day, manually - it takes less than 15 minutes - from start to finish - to make your perfect loaf)

We all gotta start somewhere right? I knew nothing about this stuff six months ago ;)

I totally agree the bread maker is a complete waste of money. But a lesson was learned and we will sell it, making some of that money back...

Would love to see pics of your perfect loaf!

Go on.... you know you wanna show me ;)

Ive just made one and eating it - let me get my camera....warm bread, homegrown cucumbers, homemade pickle, home grown chicken - one sec....

haha! Don't... you're making me hungry ;)

lunch and dog.JPG

No David Bailey awards, but hey, I was in the middle of eating...lol

Many thanks for taking the time! This does look great. Fluffy :)

...and I don't even have an oven! lolol

(a large steel container on gas burner, with lid - perfect every time)

Excellent! Don't you use a lot of gas? How long do you cook? I am wondering if I could do this hanging the steel container over a fire?

The p&p from here, will be probably make it around 140 euro's lol.
....plus it would be in pieces by the time it arrived there...BUT, I maybe could do an 'assemble yourself kit' for $45.
(no pesky electric usage, either...all eco friendly!lol)

Hey can you write a post about how to make one?? Tag me if you do.

Erm, ok - let me see what I can do...(little busy at moment).